List of Emotes and Chat Commands – Valheim

Valheim, being a multiplayer game has a few different mechanics in place for players to interact with one-another whilst in the same server. There is currently a text based chat and some emotes that the player can use to communicate with others.

The first thing that you’ll have to do before both using the chat and using emotes is to open up the chat menu.

Open The Chat Menu

Using emotes and chatting with other players is done via the in-game chat menu. To access this menu and start typing press the ‘enter’ key by default. If the enter key does not work in your version of Valheim, consult your options menu and make sure that the key binding has not been changed.

The Chat menu is often confused with the console. The console is where you can wrote commands for the server and enter cheats. You cannot chat from the console which is accessed with the F5 key.

How to Chat: Chat Commands

Once you have opened up the chat window in Valheim you should know that there are two different methods of chatting. The first is the whisper chat. If you want to just talk to player that are in close proximity to you the you should use the whisper command.

using the shout chat in Valheim to send a message to the whole server
Shouting in Valheim will send a server-wide message and display text above your character’s head

To whisper in Valheim use the /w command before writing anything, followed by a space. For example if you want to tell friends nearby to follow you you should type the following without quotation marks: “/w Follow me”.

The other type of chat you can do is called a shout. A shout text written in chat can be seen by all players currently on the same Valheim server as you. If you use the shout command you will also see the text floating above your characters head in all caps.

To shout, or send a message to the whole server you should use the /s command before inputting your message. For example if you want to inform the whole server that your bees are currently happy then you should type the following without quotation marks: “/s Hey everyone my bees are happy!”.

How to Use Emotes in Valheim

using the thumbs up emote in Valheim multiplayer
The thumbs up emote in Valheim has got to be my favorite

There are also a few different emotes or animation that you can use to communicate with others. You can use the emotes to set your character up for a nice screenshot, or if you and your friends would just rather physical communication. I will include a full list of emotes you can use in Valheim below which could be subject to change as the game is currently in early access.

To use any of the emotes listen below, simply type their command into the chat as seen below.

Full List of Emotes for Valheim

  • Sit: /sit
  • Wave: /wave
  • Challenge/Spar: /challenge
  • Cheer/Celebrate: /cheer
  • Disagree: /nonono
  • Thumbs up: /thumbsup
  • Point in a direction: /point
using the point emote in valheim
Oh look, a dandelion!

These are just the chat options we know about the game so far. As the game is currently in early access, it is assumed that more options could be added at a later date. There is currently no voice chat in Valheim so player will have to use a third-party program like discord or Skype to chat with their friends in game.

If there’s any more information about chatting in Valheim that you think we’ve missed, leave a comment below.

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