How to Deconstruct and Delete Items in Valheim

In Valheim building can be a very finicky process. With the snapping and placement of objects not always going your way. Luckily in the game you can easily break the items back down and get all of the resources back that you used to build them. One of the strengths of the game is the building system. You will have to have the right support under each structure and sometimes build a chimney. This is leading to some really great designs that can be seen shared over on the official subreddit for Valheim.

One things players may not realize is that you can deconstruct crafting stations and structures if you aren’t happy with them. To deconstruct items and structures equip the hammer tool. Once you have the Hammer if you look at a structure or crafting item, like the fermenter, press in the middle mouse button or scroll wheel.

The item will be destroyed and all of the resources will be dropped on the ground ready to be picked up. This is great if you need to relocate crafting stations or houses in Valheim.

How to Deconstruct Items in Valheim

As you progress through the game you may find that some of your old gear no longer serves a purpose. Players are looking for a way to deconstruct weapons and deconstruct armor but unfortunately there is currently no way to do this in the game. There is not station which allows players to break down unused items at all but hopefully one will be added in the future.

Deconstructing items in Valheim

This is causing serious storage issues as you are never really going to use those leather pants or crude bow again but there is no way to delete items. That is apart from despawning them.

How to Delete/Remove Unused Items

You can technically get rid of items by moving away from your base and throwing theme out on the ground. Eventually the items will despawn and no longer exist in your world. There is also a command for deleting every item that is currently in the area around the player. By opening up the console with the F5 key and typing ‘imacheater’ and pressing the Enter key the player will be unlock a series of extra commands that they can use.

One of the commands the player can use is the ‘removedrops’ command which will delete all items that are lying around on the ground. The player could also boat to the end of the world and throw them off the edge (no, I’m not kidding), but that is pretty dangerous as if the player falls off the edge all of the gear they have will be lost forever.

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