Is Rollercoin Legit? – Mining Simulator

Is Rollercoin legit? Well, is it? Is there a Rollercoin strategy to make you the most passive income? I found this small browser based game after searching for fun little games to play to make a bit of cash. Don’t lie. We’ve all been there. The dream to make money playing videogames has been a dream of many since we were kids. Now with Cryptocurrency in full bloom it seems like that dream is coming closer to a reality. So, is Rollercoin legit? I have been playing this so called ‘online bitcoin mining simulator’ for the past week or so to test it out. Here are my impressions:

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Is Rollercoin legit? An image of a character sitting amongst virtual crypto miners
Virtually mine your ‘small’ fortune!

So how does it work?

The idea is quite simple behind the idea of Rollercoin. It is basically a Cryptocurrency Faucet, which means you sign up through some medium and like a real faucet, small amounts of bitcoin slowly trickle out. The game makes money from you seeing ads on the site and trickles out small amounts of crypto. The game features three cryptocurrencies to earn (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum) and it’s very own currency called Rollercoin, which you can trade for in the apps wallet menu. Although Rollercoin aims to be a little different. The game is a simulation of a small bitcoin mining operation. And it is a great one at that. You get to customize your own little avatar and away you go. You are already earning a very very small amount of cryptocurrency through your tiny computer. From there you have a few options. You can choose to invest into your virtual operation by depositing into one of your three wallets. You can then use these funds to buy virtual miners to increase your hash rate and earn coins faster. There is a little store where you can trade in your Satoshis for more mining equipment. You will also need to buy a shelf to put them on! (Also costing Satoshi).

A virtual cryptocurrency mining house
This is my character. The aptly named ‘Pete Monies’ in his sad little Russian attic


You can also play from a small variety of minigames to increase your mining power and thus increasing your passive income. Playing these games is completely free and you can play as many as you want. I find it a nice little alternative to the hyper casual games i would’ve been playing on my phone anyway. They are very basic games including a flappy bird clone, a simple memory game and more. I do like the fact that the games get more difficult as I go along and if you do win enough games in a 24 hour period you get a permanent PC upgrade. Yay Rollercoin computer upgrade! Very snazzy. You can also make money through referring other players to the game. Hence the links you may find on this page. If you were to sign up through this link, or any of the others found on this post I would be getting a bonus to the amount I am personally making on the site. You could then get your own referral link and share it with all of your friends and reap the benefits of their gameplay! Easy passive money right? See my little referral graphic below.

How much does it actually pay?

Even if I may not be earning a huge amount of money by playing the game I am though roughly enjoying the content. The graphics are quite nice and I do appreciate the effort put in to making it. There is even a little leaderboard to show who is doing the best at any given time and where your power stands in the mix. Rollercoin is legit and there is a lot of evidence of that all over the web on message boards and comments. Everyone i know that plays the game has reported then can in fact withdraw their funds from the game as soon as the withdraw required amount has been reached. To summarize, is Rollercoin legit? Yes Rollercoin is legit and it is a nice little way to earn some passive income whilst playing games. You can play it in the browser and they even have an android app, though the browser seems to work better for me. Try the game out and let me know what you think about it in the comments! If you would like, feel free to share your own referral links in the comments and we can all virtually mine together!

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