Paper Mario Master Quest

Master Quest is a mod made for the original Paper Mario on Nintendo 64. The mod adds a bunch of new content into the original Paper Mario game including a whole bunch of new levels. The game also reimagines a bunch of the boss fights too and overall Master Quest makes Paper Mario much much more difficult.

Paper mario master quest mod

Why would I download Master Quest for Paper Mario?

Personally I loved Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64. For me it is one of the all time greatest RPG’s. The simple turn-based combat, the story, the art style, all of it is fantastic. I recently wanted to start playing the game again but got bored quickly and thought to myself, why am I playing this again? This is the same RPG that i played all those years ago? Introducing Master Quest. This mod will add a twist to your gameplay and a new challenge to the game.

How do I get the Master Quest mod?

Be aware that to install the Master Quest mod you will need to have a ROM for Paper Mario and an emulator to run it. See the official GitHub page for details. The legality of ROMs is kind of on shaky grounds and Set Ready Games does not endorse any kind of illegal ROM downloading and playing. According to fair use it is legal to ROM your own game cartridge at home and make your own archive of the game. Emulators are completely legal to use and download as they don’t include any kind of copyright infringement.

The Youtuber FatGuy703 has a gameplay YouTube video here showing footage of the mod in action:

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