Getting a Big Mushroom in Kitaria Fables and it’s Uses

Kitaria Fables is a game about exploration, questing and farming! In this adventure RPG you can fight your way through a dungeon in the morning and spend the afternoon tending to your crops in town. You can also unlock and purchase a variety of different armors, spells and weapons using materials found in the wild. One of these items is the Big Mushroom. This guide will tell you how to get a big mushroom and what you can do with it.

How to Get a Big Mushroom in Kitaria Fables

To get a big mushroom in Kitaria Fables all you have to do is fight and defeat the Wicked Shroom boss. This enemy can be found on the 4th floor of the dungeon nearby to the village. This is the dungeon found in West Paw Field. Just by playing through he game’s starting missions you are forced to fight this enemy and thus collect a big mushroom for yourself.

the first boss in kitaria fables, wicked shroom
Wicked Shroom is the first major boss of the game

Simply go to the West Paw Field and head to the north over a bridge. Here you will see a little mine entrance which you can walk through in order to get into the dungeon. Progress through this dungeon moving down through the floors. At the end, you will see your finally enemy, Wicked Shroom. Once defeated they will drop the Big Mushroom and possibly some Vengeful Souls.

A big mushroom in kitaria fables

Make sure you have enough room in your inventory so you can pick up the Big Mushroom. The Wicked Shroom will respawn and can be beaten multiple times so you can collect multiple big mushroom.

What To Do With the Big Mushroom?

Once you ave acquired a big mushroom, (or multiple big mushrooms) what can you actually do with them? Well you have basically two options here. You can either sell the Big Mushroom to make a tidy little amount of Paw Pennies, or use a big mushroom to craft a new weapon. To sell the big mushroom you can place it in the selling crate next to your player’s farmhouse.

Crafting a bow in Kitaria Fables with a big mushroom
You will need a big mushroom to craft the beginner bow and sword at the blacksmith

If you feel like giving ranged weaponry a shot you are going to need a big mushroom. As you can see in the image above, you will need a big mushroom in order to craft the Beginner Bow. As every other bow is simply created from upgrading the previous version you will need to start at the top. Spend your 1000 pawn pennies 10 log and a big mushroom and you’ll have yourself some ranged weaponry!

If you’ve already got a sword and bow for each player, you’re probably just best off selling the Big Mushroom.


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