How to Arrest Colonists in Rimworld

Pawns can be unpredictable in Sci-Fi story generator Rimworld. Mental breaks happen often even in the best of times in your colony. Perhaps someone is throwing around insults just because they feel like it. Maybe someone had the degeneracy to eat without sitting at a table. Whatever the reason it is good to know that you can arrest colonists when they are suffering a damaging mental break.

This short guide will show you how to arrest a colonist when they are having a mental break. It will show you how to have one of your pawns arrest another and take them into custody within your colony.

How to Arrest One of Your Colonists in Rimworld

Arresting a colonist is very simple in Rimworld. To do this first, you will have to build a room where prisoners can be kept. If you don’t have at least one spare bed for a prisoner in the colony you will not be able to arrest anyone. First, build a prisoner room and then select one of your colonists. It will be wise to select your colonist with the highest social skill as this will influence the chance that they can arrest others without them fighting back. You can view how to do this below.

Now that you have everything ready you can arrest whichever colonist you wish. Select your guard and place them into Drafted mode. You can do this by selecting the character and pressing the R key, or pressing the Draft/Undraft button. With this pawn selected, right-click the pawn you wish to arrest. You will see 2 options; Go Here and Try to arrest …. You will also see a percentage chance next to the arrest action. This will be the chance which you can arrest this character without resistance.

Showing how to arrest a colonist/pawn in Rimworld

Once you select this option, your character will go and arrest this pawn. They will bring them to the nearest free prison bed and they will be a prisoner to the colony. You will lost the ability to control this pawn whilst they are a prisoner.

How to See/Raise Arrest Chance

When you are attempting to arrest a colonist you can see there is a chance they will fight back. This chance is determined on a few different factors. The only thing that influences the arrest chance is the stats of the person who is attempting the arrest. The two main influences of successful arresting are the Social skill of the pawn and their current health status.

Any large health issue with the arresting officer will have a negative influence on the success rate of the arrest. Every skill point in the social skill will raise the chances of a successful arrest. Even characters that don’t have very good social skills are able to arrest other colonists. They better make sure they are good at fighting though if there is any resistance…

Showing the arrest chance stat in Rimworld

You can see the success rate that each of your colonists currently have easily in the game. First, select the colonist. Open up the the Information menu by selecting the small i symbol in the UI box for this character. When you scroll down a little bit in the Stats category you will find the Arrest success chance in the Social group.

How to Get a Colonist Back Once They’ve Been Arrested

As aforementioned once you have arrested a colonist you will lose the ability to control them. As they are now a prisoner to your colony, you have no power over them. You can however, very easily get them back into the colony. All you have to do is select the prisoner and open up the Prisoner menu.

Releasing a colonist once they've been arrested in Rimworld

In this menu, select the Release action. This prisoner will then be released and allowed back to the colony they below to (yours). Any pawns with the Warden Job will come and release them when it is within their priorities. You can speed up this process by selecting a Warden and right-clicking on the prisoner. Here you will see the option to have them release them immediately.

This colonist will immediately join back to your colony and will appear within the names at the top of the screen again.


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