How to Amputate Limbs in Rimworld

In Story-Generator Rimworld, you are given the task of building a thriving colony. The main goal of the game is to eventually work your way through technology trees and build a spaceship to escape the planet where you have crashlanded. One of the many mechanics of the game is a dynamic health and limb system which allows you to sometimes amputate your pawns.

Through it’s dynamic sandbox mechanics, there are many different ways that players can play Rimworld. Some will choose to grow substances and create a large profit from this until they can buy their way off the world. Some will choose to ally with other factions in order to help them escape.

This guide will focus on how to amputate colonists in Rimworld. I won’t ask for what means you want to know this information, but I will assume there are ongoing health conditions on your colonists’ limbs and you need to amputate them to save their life. Yes, I’ll assume that.

How to Amputate in Rimworld

It can be quite confusing when playing Rimworld to figure out how to remove arms or legs. You can amputate colonists right from the beginning of the game. No research is needed to do this. All you need is a place for the colonist to lie down for a medical procedure. This can be a bed or even just a sleeping spot.

To amputate a colonist follow these steps:

  1. Open the architect menu, select furniture and build a bed somewhere within your colony. This is where the procedure will take place.
  2. Select the bed mark it as a Medical bed by selecting the button Medical at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the H key.
  3. Select the colonist you would like to amputate and open up their Health menu.
  4. Go to the operations tab and Select Add Bill.
  5. Select one of the options for install peg leg or wooden hand depending on which limb you’d like to amputate.
  6. You will need 1 unit of wood and 2 units of medicine per limb.
Installing peg legs and wooden hands to a pawn in Rimworld so their body parts can be amputated

7. Allow your colonist assigned as Doctor to perform the procedure.
8. Once the procedure is finished (and successful) add a new bill to remove the wooden limb
9. The pawn will now be amputated!

Following this method there are a few different body parts that can be amputated. These are both arms, both legs, the jaw and the tongue.

Amputating To Cut Off Infection

Although there is no way to immediately amputate without installing a wooden limb first usually, there is a way that this can be achieved. From time to time, pawns will get into situations where they can have negative health problems. One of these is an infection. If a colonist takes damage to parts of their body and the wound is not dealt with or they are resting in a dirty hospital, there is a chance their injury can get infected.

A pawn getting an infection in Rimworld so their limb can be amputated

Once a body past is infected, if it is not a vital body part it can be removed from the pawn. Sometimes this is necessary to save their life. If your colony does not yet have access to any good medicine or a good doctor, your best bet may just be to cut off the infected limb.

To amputate an infected limb you will once again have to open the pawn’s health menu and choose to Add bill. If they have an infection, you will see the option here to amputate that body part off. The infection doesn’t have to be serious. You can amputate this body part an any stage of the infection you wish.

Choosing to amputate a body part from a colonist in Rimworld

How to Amputate Healthy Limbs (With Mods)

Although there is no way in the vanilla game of Rimworld to amputate perfectly healthy limbs, there is a popular mod which allows this. This mod is called Harvest Everything! It allows you to amputate almost any body part of any healthy colonist whenever you wish.


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