How to Break Into Cars in Project Zomboid

Cars are one absolute game-changers in Project Zomboid. Being able to travel from city to city in a relatively safe way is a huge improvement. All of the cars you can find in good condition are drive-able in Project Zomboid. You will need a few things before you can drive them though. This obviously includes getting in the car.

Project Zomboid is in early access and mechanics and content in the game are subject to change. To keep up with the latest in project Zomboid check the official website.

How to Break Into Cars

If you find yourself a vehicle in good working order then good news. Half of the work is done.

To break into a locked vehicle in Project Zomboid:

  • Move to one of the car doors with windows.
  • Right-click on the car to open the action menu
  • Select the option to Smash Window
  • Enter the car using the E key

It will be incredibly easy to get into any vehicle. Keep in mind just getting into a vehicle won’t allow you to drive it. You will have to either possess the key to the vehicle or be able to Hotwire vehicles.

A character breaking into a car in Project Zomboid
Busting the window out of a vehicle to get inside

Keep in mind that destroying a window is permanent. you cannot fix a broken window. You can however replace the window with another one using the vehicle mechanics system. Try not to break out any window that you plan on sitting in. Breaking a window will leave whoever is sitting in that seat exposed to attacks from zombies outside.

Breaking In and Looting Vehicles

Some vehicles will be worth breaking into just to loot them. Be sure to carefully check every container available in the car. You can change which container you are looking in by using the loot menu at the top of the screen. Be sure to check the glove compartment, the back seats and even the trunk/back if your vehicle has one. Once you have gained entry to the vehicle, move to the drivers seat by opening the radial menu using the V key. Select the change seats option and move to the drivers seat. After you move here you should see the car dash at the bottom of your screen as in the image below.

opening the trunk to loot the car in Project Zomboid
Unlock all doors and open the trunk to check the whole vehicle

Once in the drivers seat you can open up the trunk by pressing button on the right of the dash UI. This will unlock the trunk of the car allowing you to loot it as well. Always check all places in the car for interesting loot. Certain vehicles such as the police car and ambulance might have some very special loot indeed.

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