How to Craft a Spear in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are a large range of weapons available for the player to their undead enemies with. Some of these weapons can be found randomly as loot inside containers in the world but some weapons can only be crafted by the player. One of the best weapons that the player can craft in Project Zomboid is the spear.

The spear is known as one of the best weapons available in Project Zomboid as of build 41 for a few reasons. They are relatively easy to craft, they have a great length so you don’t have to put yourself in too much danger when using them and they do pretty good damage early on. This guide will show you how to craft your own spear in Project Zomboid.

Spear Crafting Requirements

As aforementioned spears are pretty easy to craft compared to their usability. You will only need 2 ingredients to craft one and one of these will be refunded after use. The items you will need to craft a spear are either a tree branch or a plank and then some type of knife to carve the wood into a weapon. This can be any sharp knife like the kitchen knife, hunting knife, stone knife and even a piece of chipped stone. Once you have these you are ready to start crafting a spear.

How to Craft a Spear in Project Zomboid Build 41

To craft your very own spear in Project Zomboid follow these steps:

  1. Collect 1 Plank or Tree Branch and a sharp knife
  2. Open up the crafting menu by pressing the B key or selecting the icon on the top left
  3. Head to the Survivalist tab
  4. Find Create Spear from the list or search for it in the search bar at the top
  5. Select the option Craft One and wait for your character to finish crafting the spear
  6. Equip and extra blades to the end of your spear through the crafting menu
  7. Find the spear in your inventory and equip it to start swinging!
Using a crafted spear in Project Zomboid to defeat some zombies
Strike your enemies from a distance with the crafted spear

Every time you craft a spear you will gain a little bit of carpentry experience. The quality of the spear and the damage you can do with the crafted spear depends on your Carpentry skill. The spears you make at level 1 carpentry are prone to breaking very quickly. Work up the carpentry skill and you will be creating solid zombie killing machines in no time! You can see some of the various crafted spear attachments and their stats over on the Project Zomboid Wiki page for crafted spears.

Spear-Fishing in Project Zomboid

Not only is the spear a great way of taking care of the undead from a distance. You can also use the spear to catch yourself a hearty meal! Much like the fishing rod, you can use any crafted spear to fish at a water source.

To fish with a spear in Project Zomboid follow these simple steps:

  1. Equip the spear on your character
  2. Find a body of water to fish at
  3. Right-click the water to open up the action menu
  4. Select the option Fishing
  5. Select which bag you’d like the fish to go to and press OK
  6. Wait for your character to catch something
Crafting a spear and using it to catch fish while spear-fishing in Project Zomboid Build 41
Crafted spears can be used to catch fish in Project Zomboid

One thing to note is that fishing with a fishing rod has a better chance to catch fish. You cannot attach any kind of bait to the spear so there’s another downside. That being said, if you whip out your spear during the peak fishing times (dawn, dusk) you are bound to catch some fish eventually. Not a bad tool for catching a good meal by the sea.


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