How to Craft and Sell Drugs in Rimworld

This post may get my site flagged but here we are. Yes this is real. This is Rimworld. Ina a game where slavery, decapitation and pyromaniac mental breaks are all in a days work, you can expect drugs to enter the scene. Being one of the most tame parts of Rimworld, they can be grown to be used for a purpose or sold. Heed this warning. You should never get high on your own supply. This guide will show you how to grow and craft your own supply. Creating a profitable trade in Rimworld.

Why Would You Create Drugs in Rimworld?

Why do anything? In Rimworld Drugs and drug items can be a very profitable trade. In a world where silver can be traded for almost anything, its obvious why you’d want it. Most drugs can be crafted from scratch on your Rimworld too. This makes it a great enterprise as there is no startup cost at all.

There are different varieties of drugs in Rimworld from beer to ‘yayo’. These all have different effects on your colonists. Some drugs will alleviate pain from your colonists. Some will make them move faster and work more efficiently for a short time. Keep in mind that these also have some negative side-effects. Addiction will leave a colonist dependent on a substance. This isn’t really a problem until your supply runs out. If this colonist cannot fulfill their craving expect a mental break coming shortly! Proceed and use these with caution!

Researching drug production and growing in Rimworld
You’ll have to research the required topics first

Before you can create drugs, you will have to research the required topics first. Open up the research and navigate to the appropriate areas for drugs.

Growing Drugs in Rimworld

The drug production in Rimworld starts at the growing phase. Before you can develop and craft drugs you will have to grow the raw resources. To do this, open up the architect menu which is on the bottom left of the screen. Under Zones you will find the option for create a grow zone. This is the area where you colonists will grow the plants. Try to find a fertile soil area. When you have your mouse over an area, a text at the bottom left will tell you the type of soil there. After you place down an area, you can change the type of plant grown there by selecting the area and pressing the Plant option. You can also press the P key with the zone selected. There are three types of drug plants that can be grown in Rimworld:

  • Smokeleaf Plant: These types of plants are grown to create smokeleaf joints, useful for reducing pain on a colonist.
  • Hop Plant: Used in the process of creating beer in Rimworld.
  • Psychoid Plant: This is the main ingredient in most drugs that can be crafted in Rimworld. Can be refined directly into Yayo as well for a quick profit.
Growing drugs in Rimworld
The fields are alive with the sounds of smokeleeeeaaaaf

Once these plants are planted you will have to wait until they have matured. Once they have grow, your colonists with the plant job will harvest and take them to whichever stockpile zone they are designated to. It is recommended to make a separate stockpile specifically for these near a drug lab.

Crafting Different Drugs With Raw Product

Now that we have grown and harvested our own raw drug product we can start to process them. As aforementioned, try to create a stockpile zone in a safe place. This is preferably under a roof. It isn’t super necessary to keep this refrigerated but if you have the resources why not? Next you will have to craft a drug lab. You can find this under the Production tab in the construction menu. This is unlocked after you have researched the topic Drug Production. Craft one using any material you want and wait until it is built.

Building a drug lab in Rimworld to process items
The drug lab is your base of operations. Keep your stockpile close!

Once this is built, select the drug lab. To begin creating a type of drug select the Bills menu. In this menu you can order jobs to be worked on at this station. Select the Add Bill option and you will be able to pick an option from a drop-down menu. Here you can see all of the different types of drugs that you are able to craft at the moment. To expand this list, try researching different research tasks. You can choose an item and them decide how much you want to create. If you want your colonists to create smokeleaf joints whenever possible, select the bill and choose the option Do forever. They will now create this whenever they have the resources and no priorities in front of the job.

Adding a bill to the drug lab in Rimworld
Use the Add bill to start crafting

Now, simply wait for your colonists to start crafting up some profitable resources for your colony!

Selling Your Merchandise – Drug Prices Rimworld

Now that you’ve grown your own smokeleaf and created something with it you can start to make a profit! The best thing about making this your primary silver business is that you can generally carry large amounts in every caravan trip. This is due to the fact all drug products are generally pretty lightweight in Rimworld. There are different prices for different items in the game. The general market values for each produced drugs can be found below for your convenience:

  • Go-Juice: $53
  • Penoxycyline: $18
  • Flake: $14
  • Yayo: $21
  • Smokeleaf Joint: $11
  • Wake-Up: $35
  • Beer: $12

Load up a caravan and send them to another colony to sell your merchandise. Alternatively you can just wait for traders to come by looking for product. Become the kingpin of the Rimworld and profit!


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