How to Get Chipped Stone – Project Zomboid Build 41

Chipped stone is one of the most important items for the start of your survival journey. You will need to find chipped stones in order to make some of the survival tools which can be rather difficult to find in the world as loot. We will go through how you can get chipped stone in Project Zomboid and what it is used for.

How Do You Make/Find Chipped Stone?

Getting most items is done in two ways. You can either craft some materials and items or loot them from the world. One of the common misconceptions of chipped stone is that you can somehow find regular stone and craft chipped stone with that. This is not possible in the current build of Project Zomboid.

The chipped stone item from Project Zomboid in the player's inventory

The only way you can get stone in Project Zomboid is by foraging for it. It cannot be looted from any other area on the map and there is no way of crafting chipped stone at all. There may be mods that change this fact, but in the base game, you’ll have to get out in the forest and look for it. To be able to find chipped stone, you’ll have to go out of the city to an area that can be foraged. The best place is in the forest. Right-click the ground and select the forage option when it become available.

Foraging for chipped stone in Project Zomboid

As chipped stone is a material, you will just have to select the option to look for materials. You can find chipped stone at any foraging level. Even if it is your character’s first time foraging you will be able to get chipped stone eventually through foraging. You may not find it the first time you forage. If that is the case, simply move on to a new area and try again until you can find some.

When your character has found some chipped stone you will see it appear in the foraging screen as you see in the image above. It will be immediately placed wherever you have selected the foraged items to appear. By default, in the main inventory. Check out this Guide to Foraging for more things that you can find on the ground in Project Zomboid.

What is Chipped Stone Good For in Project Zomboid?

In the game, you are focusing on surviving the zombie apocalypse. One of the best ways you can do this is by avoiding the zombies completely. As most of the population lived in dense cities before the world ended, you will find most of the zombies around these areas. In order to avoid enemies and keep your character alive, it is best to find an area out of the city. When you’re out in the city you are going to have to craft a lot of your own useful tools to use. For example, axes and spears. By leveling up the survivalist skill tree, the amount of things you can build with natural resources expands.

Crafting a stone knife in project zomboid using chipped stone

Some of the best and most common tools are created using chipped stone. For example, the stone knife is created using ripped sheets, branches and a chipped stone. This is used not only as a good sharp weapon, but as a tool for crafting even more things. In the current game, spears are one of the strongest weapons. You can either use a knife to shape branches into a spear, or just use a chipped stone on its own to grind down your branch into a sharp stick.

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