The Best Way to Get Tin in Valheim

To get Tin in Valheim you must first defeat Eikthyr the first boss. Once you have obtained Hard Antler you can craft a pickaxe, go to the Black Forest and look for Tin Deposits. This can be mined for Tin ore which can then be processed in the Smelter.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to get Tin from start to finish. Once you’ve read through the guide you should be well on your way of getting out of the stone age in Valheim. If you have any more questions or didn’t understand anything you can leave a comment down below and I will get back to you and help you out.


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What is Tin?

Where Can I Find Tin?

How do I Process Tin Ore?

Creating Bronze

What is Tin?

Tin is a resource in Valheim which is used to create crafting station and can be forged into bronze. Tin, is a very heavy material and should be gathered in large amounts with a smaller inventory so you can make the most out of your trips. It is a silver-colored metal which isn’t too dense on it’s own. When combined with Copper, Tin becomes Bronze and that can be used to create many different objects and items in Valheim. Tin is based on its real life counterpart of the same name.

The in-game description in Valheim for Tin reads, A bar of pure tin ready to be worked.

Even though it isn’t too strong on it’s own, Tin is also necessary in its base state to create a few different items. You will need Tin to create the Cauldron for example, where potions and mead can be mixed over a fire.

Tin, along with copper, is your ticket to a make larger crafting world in Valheim. After defeating Eikthyr, collecting Tin, Copper and Surtling Cores should be your next mission in the game.

Where to Find Tin

Tin is one of the two metals found early on in the game. Whilst Hugin the bird may tell you where it can be found, many players quickly click through his helpful hints, or don’t read the tutorials.

As Hugin will tell you, Tin can be found in the Black Forest biome. To find Tin, simply head to the Black Forest and look around on the coast. Tin will only spawn in smaller rocks on the waters edge, so if you’re looking around in the middle of the forest, you are out of luck. Tin should be relatively safe to mine as enemies can only come at you theoretically from one direction.

A tin deposit in the game of Valheim

Tin will spawn on the coastline and will look like dense silvery small rocks. When you look at a rock you may think is a Tin Deposit, if you are correct the item will be labelled in-game. Don’t waste time breaking apart rocks that aren’t labelled as Tin Deposits. Once you have crafted yourself an antler pickaxe use the pickaxe on these little Tin deposits. If your Pickaxe breaks you don’t need to fight Eikthyr again to get more Hard Antler, you can go to the Workbench and repair your items.

As aforementioned tin ore is quite heavy, so make sure your inventory is pretty empty when you leave your base if you are making a long trip. You cannot move very far at all whilst over-encumbered.

How to Process Tin Ore

Once you have found yourself a nice pile of tin ore congratulations, you’ve completed the first step. But we are not done yet. You will have to get that Tin ore back home and put it through the smelter to be able to use it. You are going to need to find Surtling Cores to be able to create a smelter. You can check out this guide to help you get some.

Once you have built yourself a smelter, you will have to feed the Tin ore into the ore deposit of the smelter. When you put your cursor over the hole in the side it will either say to add ore or coal so it’s easy to figure out which is which.

Add Tin ore to the smelter to make tin to be used for weapons and toold

Once you have some Tin ore in the smelter you will have to add some coal to the other side to get it burning. You can either obtain coal by creating a charcoal kiln and turning wood into coal, or by cooking food unsuccessfully and getting coal over a fireplace. The latter isn’t very efficient but if you need coal in a hurry and don’t have a charcoal kiln that is your best bet.

Once you have put both Tin ore and Coal into the smelter you will see the smelter light up and start going to work. You will have to wait until the Ore is processed and a bar will come straight out of the output area of the smelter.

Creating Bronze with the Tin

Now that you have some processed Tin you can create a few different things. As said earlier Tin is used for creating cauldrons and a few other items. The main thing that you want Tin for is to create Bronze. Once you get Bronze you will be able to create a larger array of tools such as farming tools, new weapons and a new ship.

You can create bronze by taking 2 pieces of Copper and once piece of Tin to a Forge and selecting the Bronze option through the crafting menu.

That was this article all about getting and using Tin all wrapped up. I hope this has helped you in your adventure in Valheim and if you need any more information or have anything else to add about Tin in Valheim let me know in the comments below.