The Best Way Get Surtling Cores | Valheim

Hail Warriors, today we are teaching you exactly how to obtain Surtling Cores so you can start smelting that Copper and Tin ore and advance to the bronze age in Valheim.

To get Surtling cores, you will need to head to the black forest and look for Burial Chambers. Every burial chamber has a chance to have Surtling cores inside it so look around in them. Read on below to find out more.

What Are Surtling Cores?

Surtling Cores are items found in the depth of the Black Forests in Valheim. They are used in the construction of some advanced items in the game. You should be finding them in the early-mid game. Once you have beaten Eikthyr, your next goal should basically be to gather some good weapons and armor and head into the black forest in search for some Surtling Cores.

The in-game description in Valheim for surtling cores reads: "It throbs with inner heat"
The in-game description for Surtling Cores

Surtling Cores are used in the construction of the Teleporter and the smelter which is used to process tin and copper. They aren’t related to any real world alternative and due to the nature of their uses they are just a fantasy item made up for Valheim.

Where to get Surtling Cores

Once you have defeated Eikthyr, Surtling Cores should be on the menu. After defeating the first boss, head to the Black Forest biome. You shouldn’t have to walk too far from the starting area to find a Black Forest but due to the nature of the game being Procedurally Generated you never know what kind of map you are going to get.

Once you have reached the black forest what you are looking to find are Burial Chambers. These are your ticket to exploring underground and are cave systems where Surtling Cores and other loot can be found. To find these, look out for some unnatural looking rock formations in the forest. There are generally some skeletons around protecting the Burial Chambers. be careful when facing these enemies as they can be quite tough if you are underprepared. See the image below to get an idea of what burial chambers look like.

An in-game image of burial chambers in Valheim
A burial chamber, found in the black forest

If you are struggling to find Burial Chambers in the black forest put your headphones in and turn up the sound. If you hear Ravens head in that direction as ravens will gather around burial chambers and guide you towards them. Make sure you also bring a torch with you as it will be dark underground.

Now that we’ve made it to the burial chambers head inside. You Surtling Cores await!

Navigating Through the Burial Chambers

Once you are inside, grab your torch and preferably a shield. You will see three different doorways in front of you where you can go in the Burial Chamber. go through each door one-by-one and take out the enemies there. You are not guaranteed to find loot in every burial chamber so you may have to go to multiple chambers to find the amount of Surtling cores you need.

Inside the burial chambers in Valheim looking for surtling cores

Enemies found in the Burial Chambers

There are a few different enemy types that can be found in the burial chambers along with a spawner. The first enemy should be new to you if you come across it in the Burial Chambers which is the Ghost. The ghost is a very strong enemy with a devastating melee attack. They are quite fast and will chase you through the chamber. Making use of a ranged weapon like a crude bow and arrows should help you take down the ghost easy enough.

There are also different variations of skeleton enemies found in the Burial Chambers. You will see some that you may recognize from the surface. The basic Skeleton types which are the sword and shield skeleton, the ranged skeleton and the skeleton with a single sword. There are also possibly stronger skeleton types which will have a star below their title.

There is a special type of skeletal enemy which spawns in the Burial Chambers which is something you will have to discover for yourself. This large skeleton enemy glows green and uses a very powerful melee attack. This skeleton can also poison you which can be absolutely devastating and is the quickest way I have found to die in the game. Poison hurts.

Dispatching Enemies Tactic (Cheese)

One of the easiest relatively no-risk ways of clearing out the enemies is to lead them back to the start of the crypt and jump back on the starting ramp. The enemies of the crypt cannot get up to the ramp and the only way you can be hurt is from ranged attacks. If you keep leading the enemies back tot he start you can get them all with very low-risk.

This is very gamey and not the Viking way. But, I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help!

Taking That Sweet Loot and Surtling Cores

You will find multiple ends to the burial chambers which will result in you finding loot. This loot will sometimes include Surtling cores. They will only appear on sticks in Valheim and to pick them up you merely have to walk over to them and press the ‘E’ key by default. Simple! See the image below to get an idea of what Surtling Cores look like.

Congratulations! Now you know how to get Surtling Cores in Valheim. If you liked this guide, or if you need information on anything in Valheim leave a comment down below and I’ll get writing as I have nothing better to do! Praise Odin!

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