How to Name Weapons in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

One of the great new mechanics added to the series in Bannerlord is the ability to customize and create your own weapons. By visiting the smithy and collecting parts you are able to forge yourself the weapon of your dreams. From maces to two handed swords you can let your creativity go wild.

This guide will show you how to name these created weapons in the smithy to have a more personalized experience when fighting your battles.

Creating and Naming New Weapons in Bannerlord

The process of naming weapons when you are creating them is quite simple. First, you are going to want to make your way to any town on the map which isn’t currently hostile towards you. (Hostile towns will have a red highlighting on their name). Head into the town and select the option, Enter smithy. Once you’re in the town smithy head to the Forge tab. Here you can customize your weapons with any smithing pieces you have unlocked. If you want to find out how to unlock more smithing parts, you can check out this guide.

Once you have forged a weapon using the parts you wish a screen will appear showing the Stats of the newly forged weapon. On the bottom left of this screen you will see a box showing the name of the weapon. By default it will be called Crafted *whichever weapons type you’re crafting*. You can select this box and change the name to whatever you wish!

Changing the name of a newly forged weapon in Mount and Blade Bannerlord
You can change the name of a crafted weapon in this text box

Make sure you are happy with the name that you have chosen as this is what the weapon will be called forever. When you open up your inventory or sell this item to a trader it will retain the name you gave it.

Changing the Name of a Weapon

Have you purchased a weapon from a trader and want to give it a unique name instead of something like Steel Calvary Sword? Unfortunately there is currently no way to change the name of a weapon or armor in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. You cannot take weapons to the forge and change their name and there isn’t a way you can change them in any menu. There is one thing that you can do which is kind of the same thing though.

The name of a weapon changed in the inventory screen in mount and blade bannerlord
A weapon will retain it’s name when equipped/unequipped and even after being bought/sold

One way that you can ‘change the name’ is by crafting a new weapon with the exact same characteristics of the old weapon. There are a large range of hilts, pommels and of course blades to choose from so finding the right pieces may prove difficult but if you really want to change the name of a specific weapon and yield it in battle, this is the only way to do so; Create a new weapon with the same pieces and give it a new name on creation.


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