How to Pick Up and Move Furniture – Project Zomboid

Search no more house re-modelers of the zombie apocalypse. I am here today to show you how you can move furniture around in Project Zomboid. This guide will focus on using the Build 41 version of the game which is the latest ‘stable’ build of the game available on Steam. You can move furniture around just for the aesthetic value and to block doorways and stairs.

How to Move Furniture in Project Zomboid

To pick up and move furniture, mouse over the icon on the top left of the UI which looks like a cupboard. Now, select the first option from the left which will read ‘Pick Up’ when you have the mouse over it. Select this option. You can now choose a piece of furniture to pick up. Once you have picked up a piece of furniture, you can place it again by choosing the ‘Place’ option from the menu from earlier. Then, select where you want to place the piece and left-click to move the furniture there. You can see screenshots below on how to do any of these steps.

Picking up furniture in Project Zomboid
Select the ‘Pick up’ option

At the left of the screen you can see the image seen above. Once you put your mouse over the icon the menu will appear as seen above. This is all of your actions that can be used for manipulating and moving furniture. From left to right the actions are, ‘Pick up, Place, Rotate and Disassemble”. All of these are pretty self-explanatory.

Once you have chosen the pick up option you can choose the item that you want to move. This will then be moved into your inventory. Be aware that if the item is too heavy your character may not be able to take it into their inventory.

Picking up and moving furniture in project zomboid
You can pick up most objects in Project Zomboid

After selecting the action you will be able to choose which item you want to move or pick up. In the image above, I want to move this table to a different location in the room. Once you pick up the item you will have to go to the ‘Place’ action to put it down. You can either choose it again from the icons at the top of the screen, ir press the TAB key to quickly cycle through the different furniture options.

Glaceing table furniture in project Zomboid
Placing it down in a better place!

You can now choose where you want to place down the item in your inventory. If you have multiple pieces of furniture in your inventory you can press the R key to cycle between different items to place. Read about how to rotate objects below.

How to Rotate Objects in Project Zomboid

If there’s a table of bookshelf you really want to turn around, select the ‘Rotate’ option from the left hand furniture menu. Now, select the object that you want to rotate. Hold down the left-mouse button and drag in a direction until you are satisfied with the rotation of the object. Once satisfied, release the left-mouse button and the character will move to the object and rotate it.

Rotating furniture in Project Zomboid
Rotate to your heart’s content!

You can also rotate an object when placing it down after you’ve moved it. When placing an item on the ground from your inventory, you can hold the left-mouse button whilst placing it down. Then, drag the direction you want the piece of furniture to be placed at.

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