How to Teleport Players in Project Zomboid

In most survival games there is an admin or host player with access to special commands and tools that they can use in game. Project Zomboid also has a system such as this, where the admin has their own menu in which they can control many aspect of the server. One of the things that isn’t explained fully, however is the ability to teleport players and friends to each other. We will cover that below.

How to Teleport Players

To teleport other players currently on the server, you will have to use a command. Write directly into the chat “/teleport “the player name you want to teleport” “the destination player”. For example, if you want to teleport Peter to Greg you would type the following command into the chat menu: “/teleport Peter Greg”

This is case sensitive and you will need to include the spaces between words. If the player has spaces in their username, you will also have to include them in their name. You would use the player’s name, not the character’s name. The command is entered without the quotation marks.

How to Teleport in Single Player

By using the dev tools in the game the player can access a menu that lets them use all kinds of cheats and tools in single player. You can even use these cheats in Build 41. Through this menu there is an option to teleport while playing single player not on a server. Check out his guide to get the debug menu set up in your game.

To teleport in Single player, open the debug menu and select the “Zombie Population” menu. This will open up another menu where you can see where all of the zombies are around you. You can move this map around with by holding the right-mouse button. To teleport to a location on the Zombie Population map, right-click and select the ‘Teleport Here’ option.

You character will then teleport to the chosen location. You can even teleport into houses and buildings. You can move around the map by holding the right-mouse button and use the scroll wheel to zoom the Zombie Population map in and out. It can by kind of hard to find your way around the map as it only outlines buildings, but if you have a general sense of the layout of the map you can easily find your way around.

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