How to Repair Tools in Valheim

If you’ve been asking yourself how to repair an axe in Valheim or how to repair armor you’vecome to the right place! In Valheim, Hugin will help guide you on your way. You will get great advice throughout the start of the game telling you about the mechanics of the game and how to advance. One thing that isn’t explicitly stated, however is how to repair your items once they are broken. We will guide you through how to repair your items in the following article. Read on.

How to Repair Tools and Weapons

You can repair your items by taking them to the Workbench at the start of the game. This will apply to all the items that you create through your own characters crafting menu, and items created at the workshop.

You can repair your weapons, tools and armor at the workbench here. Simply go to a Workshop which is accessible and press the button on the mid-left of the Workshop UI.

Repair tools and weapons in Valheim with the repair button on the Workbench

It is a small button that has a hammer symbol. You can repair as many times as you want using the workbench. This will not use materials and there isn’t a limit to the amount of times an item can be repaired. This should help you stop throwing away items that took a long time to grind resources for.

For items that have been created at the Forge, you will have to go back to the forge and access it. This also has a repair button inside the UI in the same place as the Workshop.

I hope that this short guide helped all you warriors fix up your gear. Keep it in good order, Valheim is a dangerous place. You will need to be prepared for the fights ahead! Repair your weapon and armor!

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