How to Rotate Blocks in 7 Days to Die

You can rotate blocks by using the X key by default on your keyboard. This will rotate blocks on the Y axis. To open up the advanced rotation menu while building hold in the R key on your keyboard.

For those still having trouble rotating blocks in 7 Days to Die read on.

Building in 7 Days to Die

Building a base is one of the most important aspects of 7 Days to Die. During the night in 7 Days to Die, enemies become very fast and aggressive. You will absolutely need to stay indoors at night. not only will your vision be dramatically impaired but you will most likely die if you are not well prepared. Every few nights, as designated through the server, or game settings when beginning the server, there will be a blood moon which is an event that will bring large hordes of undead towards your position. Trust me when I say your chances of survival are going to be pretty much unless you have a well set up base.

You can build a variety of different things by using a voxel based building design similar to Minecraft. You can build blocks on top of blocks from all different kinds of materials. Not only can you build with blocks, you can put on angled roof tiles, furniture and much, much more.

One of the most annoying thing about building in 7 Days to Die, and games in a similar vein, is trying to get the building blocks to line up or rotate. Luckily, figuring out how to rotate blocks in 7 Days to Die is actually quite simple and intuitive once you can the hang of it.

How to rotate blocks on PC

By default, to rotate a building block on PC in 7 Days t Die you can use the X key. This will just be a simple horizontal rotation. If you want to make more advanced rotations and movements with your building objects you can hold down the R key. Holding down the R key will open up a menu which you can see below, that will give you a greater variety when trying to rotate blocks and building products. This also works with furniture pieces.

The advanced menu for rotating a block in 7 days to die

How to rotate blocks on console

You can also rotate blocks in 7 days to die on your console as well! To rotate a block whilst playing on the Xbox One use the ‘Right Trigger’ to rotate and move the blocks to wherever you wish. Once you are happy with where the block is press the ‘Left Trigger’ to place the block down.

Rotating blocks on the PS4 is quite similar to how you would rotate on the Xbox One. You can rotate blocks on the PS4 by pressing in the R2 button on your Dual shock 4 controller. Place the block using the L2 button.

Congratulation! Now you know how to place down and rotate clocks in 7 Days to Die! We have talked through the buttons for Ps4 Controllers, Xbox One and Keyboards!

For any more 7 Days to Die related guides stay tuned or let me know what you’d like to see next in the comments!

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