How to Rotate Inventory Items in Dayz

In post-apocalypse survival game DayZ the items you carry around with you are everything. Due to the fact that there is no leveling system or character progression, loot and items are the only way forward. Being a simulation survival game your inventory is limited however. In DayZ, you have a certain amount of space in each container make of squares. Each item will take up a certain amount of squares in different shapes so you’ll have to manage this wisely to bring all of the gear along you want.

Luckily, there is a way that you can rotate items in your inventory to make them fit better. This will help you arrange your inventory and bring more items along with you. To do this, read on.

(Stick around to the end for a bonus inventory tip that will save you a lot of time when looting.)

How to Rotate Items in DayZ

To rotate items in Dayz, simply grab the item by using the left mouse button. While the item is held by the cursor, you can use the Spacebar key to rotate the item. This will allow you to manipulate how much space it takes up. For example, if you only have three slots available in a horizontal line, you can use the Spacebar key to turn a knife from vertical to horizontal.

An inventory full of items that have been rotated to fit in DayZ
A lot of items can fit in the backpack when rotated

As you can see in the image above, I’ve rotated many different smaller items so they can fit better in the backpack. All that is needed to do is press the Spacebar key while you are dragging an item around in the inventory. Larger items such as the broom and wrench are always going to be a pain but at least you stand a bit better chance when you can fill the pack up to the top.

Managing Your Inventory

Along with rotating items in your backpack you can place items into different containers too. You’ve probably already noticed in the inventor window there are multiple areas you can place items. Each clothing item you are wearing can also fit items. This means you can place whatever items you want into your jeans pockets as well. Different clothing items have different amounts of space available. A hoody has more storage than a T-shirt. Try out different clothing options if you want to fit more items on your person.

Rotating items such as large brooms so they fit in the backpack in DayZ
Larger items like broomsticks will only fit into large storage containers

You’ll find that most clothing items don’t have many horizontal squares. For that reason, you’ll probably want to find a backpack as soon as possible so that you can store larger items as well. You also have the option to store 2 large items on your back. To do this, drag the item to the top left of your inventory menu. There are two areas, one for the right shoulder and one for the left.

Quickly Moving Items into Your Inventory

One final note on managing inventory in DayZ. There is a couple of ways that you can quickly transfer items into your inventory. You’ll notice when you look at an item you can press the F key to ‘take’ the item straight to the inventory. If you are in the inventory window and see an item in the Vicinity area you can double-click the item to transfer it straight into your inventory if there is a free space.


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