How to Repair Clothes in Project Zomboid – Tailoring Guide

In Project Zomboid you have the ability to outfit your character with whatever clothes you desire. From jeans to military boots, there is such a large range of different clothing items to discover and wear. But what happens when your favorite leather duster suddenly starts to become filled with holes? Well, you repair it!

As with a lot of the other deeper mechanics in project Zomboid, fixing up clothes isn’t very well explained. This guide will show you how to get started repairing your clothes in Project Zomboid build 41, ready for that big multiplayer update.

How to Repair Clothes in Project Zomboid Build 41

In order to repair your clothes in Project Zomboid, you are first going to have to find a needle and some thread. These can be found around the world, typically in houses and hospitals. For every piece of clothing you wish to patch up, you will also need some material to patch it up with, be it leather or cloth. (We will go over how to get these items further down the page).

Once you have all the items required, you can repair your clothing by following these steps:

  1. Right-click the piece of clothing you wish to repair.
  2. Select the option Inspect. This will open up the context menu for this item.
  3. Right-click the part of the clothing which is damaged. You will see the text ‘-Hole’ on the damaged part.
  4. Select Patch Hole and choose the type of material you wish to patch it up with.
  5. Wait while your character repairs their clothing.
Repairing clothing in Project Zomboid using the Tailoring skill in Build 41

The process of repairing clothes is pretty straightforward once you know how, but figuring it out to begin with can be a bit of a pain. Especially given the fact there are even different parts to each piece of clothing. Each time you perform an action where you patch holes or add patches for protection you will gain some tailoring experience.

How to Find Leather and Denim Strips

One thing we mentioned in the previous section is that you will need some material in order to patch up your clothing. There are two types of material that you can use to patch holes or create strengthening patches in Project Zomboid. These are Leather Strips and Denim Strips. The thing is you cannot simply rip up denim and leather like conventional cloth clothing. In order to get leather strips and denim strips you will first have to find a pair of scissors. These are most commonly found in office or home desks.

Cutting up denim in Project Zomboid to repair clothes with
You need scissors to get denim strips from clothing

Once you have a pair of scissors it is incredibly easy to get your hands on some leather and denim. If you want denim, rip up some denim clothing by right-clicking on it in your inventory or while it is in a container. To get leather strips, cut up leather clothing using the scissors. you can immediately used these materials to repair clothing that you have. It doesn’t matter what type of material you use. For example, you can use leather to patch holes in denim jeans and vice-versa.

Leveling The Tailoring Skill

If you are planning on repairing your clothes and keeping them in good condition for a long time you are going to want to raise your tailoring skill. The good news is that every action you take when you are tailoring is going to give you a bit of experience in the skill. Even if you are just cutting up old clothes that are on the dead, you are still going to gain tailoring skill. Unfortunately there isn’t really any great tricks to help you level your tailoring skill fast in Project Zomboid. If you want to get experience quicker, the best way is to find the tailoring skill boost books. These will be titled Tailoring for Beginners or Master Tailoring. There are 5 different books and each will give you a boost for certain levels that you are trying to achieve. For example the Beginner tailoring book will only help you gain experience at an increased rate for the first 2 levels in Tailoring. Master tailoring, will help you get the 9th and 10th skill point quicker.


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