How to Talk/Use Voice Chat in DayZ

Being that DayZ is a multiplayer game you will often find yourself coming face to face with other survivors. These can either be friendly interactions or not so friendly depending on the other player. If you’re looking to team up or just announce that you are a friendly passerby you have the ability to use your mic and voice chat in DayZ.

Voice chat enables you to talk to other players whether that be for RP purposes inside of the game or just to communicate with your friends. This guide will show you how to do that on PC and console.

How to Talk in Voice Chat in DayZ on PC

To talk to other players you can hold down the CapsLock key. This will enable your microphone as a push-to-talk function. This means other players will be able to hear what you are saying with it enabled. You can also double tap the CapsLock key to toggle the voice chat on constantly. To turn it off again, just double tap once more. When voice chat is on in-game, you will see a microphone symbol on the left hand side of the screen. See the image below for an example.

Showing the symbol for voice chat being enabled on Dayz on PC

Be aware that zombies will also be alerted to your presence if you are using voice chat. You can change the volume of your character using the UP arrow key. There are three settings for voice chat. You can see which level you are at by looking at how many little lines are next to the microphone symbol. On the image above, the volume level is at 2/3.

How to Talk in Dayz on PS4 and Xbox

The voice chat on consoles works pretty much the same way as it does on the PC version of the game. You simply have to hold the button down to be able to use the microphone. To talk to other players on console you just have to hold down the Down button on the D-pad. Just like on PC you can double press this button to toggle the microphone on, that way you don’t have to hold the button down if you want to speak a lot.

Typing to Chat in DayZ

If you prefer not to use your microphone or if you don’t want to you also have the option to communicate via text chat. This will work so that only players within a certain proximity of you will hear it. Another great thing about text chat is that it does not alert zombies to your presence whereas voice chat does make an actual sound in the game. If you and a partner are locked down somewhere, text chat may be a better option.

Using the text chat to talk to other players in DayZ 2021

To text chat in DayZ press the ENTER key. This will open the text chat box. You can write in whatever message you would like here. Simply press the ENTER key once more if you’re finished with your message and anyone nearby can see it.

If you really don’t want to use voice chat, you can also try to get your point across using gestures/emotes.


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