How to Tame Necks in Valheim

Thanks to a new mod by a user on the Nexus Mods named buzz, players are now able to tame necks and many other creatures they want in Valheim. Even though taming and breeding deer in Valheim is one of the most requested features we are just going to have to stick with these creatures for now. The mod which was previously titled AllTameable but how since been changed to AllTameable with Hactchable DragonEgg. As the title suggests, it also houses the ability to hatch dragon eggs which can be found on the mountain biome in Valheim.

This guide will solely focus on setting up the mod with the ability to tame neck. Unfortunately in the mod you cannot tame deer yet in Valheim.

Getting the Mod to Tame Neck

First of all you need to head to the mod’s official Nexus Mods page which can be found here. You will also need mod files known as BepInEx for which a link can be found and instructions through the Nexus Mods page. Once you have all of these files, you will have to boot up Valheim with them all properly installed into the game’s directory.

Once you’ve ran the game as normal you can open up the console using the F5 key and type in the command /buzztame. This will open up the menu where you can configure which animals and creatures will be tameable through the mod and what kind of food they will eat.

taming neck in Valheim
The settings I used to tame necks in Valheim

You can see in the image above, the settings that I have used in order to add tameable neck to my game of Valheim. I’ve decided on a taming time of 300, decided that the food that can be used to tame them is Raw Meat and made it so that Neck are commandable. This means they will follow or stay when interacted with like wolves.

I kept most of the values at the default setting they were at when I opened the menu. After that, you’ll have to press the Add button found at the top of the UI and then restarted my game. Then, as directed by the mod’s setup guide I started the game back up, opened the buzztame menu again and started loaded into my game. Now, when I play, (even on a previously started world), necks automatically have their status shown on them like boar or wolves.

taming neck in Valheim
The taming percentage of a neck in Valheim

I fed up a little neck I found some raw meat as per the setup files and after a little waiting and a couple more feeding sessions. I have my own little pet! Meet Nick the neck!

How to tame deer in valheim
A tamed neck in Valheim

Remember when we set the creature to be commandable earlier? When i approach and select my new little travel companion and select him, he will either follow me or stay. This works in exactly the same way that wolves are when they are tamed.

Voila! A tamed neck in Valheim. Sure, it may take a little setup to get it done, but the fact I now have fully tameable and breedable neck in Valheim makes all of the setup officially worth it.

Go and check the mod out for yourself and let me know how you like it! Cheers.

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