How to Dig in Valhiem

Terra-forming is one of the mechanics available to players in survival Viking game Valheim. Using a certain 2 tools players can form the terrain, dig and build up dirt to form the ground however they would like. Players can not only dig for building purposes but also to find certain resources and items under the earth. Without further ado, let’s get into how to dig in Valheim.

Digging Using the Pickaxe

Once the player has managed to defeated the first forsaken of the game, Eikthyr, they will be given a resource known as Hard Antler. Using this hard antler along with some other items at a workbench, the player is able to create a tool known as a pickaxe. This is the first pickaxe that the player will receive in the game.

Tooltip for antler pickaxe in Valheim which can be used to dig
The tooltip for the antler pickaxe

Equipping this pickaxe will open the player up to a host of new options for terrforming. For example, the player can dig straight down into the ground using the pickaxe. This is useful for building moats for your Valheim base and carving a river down through low ground for your Karve to come through to the base. Not only can you dig with the pickaxe, you can also start to break down copper and tin ore deposits which can then be turned into bronze in order to make new weapons and armor.

Digging a hole in the ground in Valheim
The pickaxe can be used on the ground in order to dig

Using the Hoe to Dig and Level Terrain

Another tool that can be used to dig and terraform is the hoe. This can be crafted very early on in the game. Whilst it cant be used to dig down directly, the player can stand at a low level in the terrain and use the ‘Level ground’ feature in order to bring some ground down to your level. While using the level ground features the player will choose an are and attempt to smooth it down to the level that they are standing on when they use the hoe.

Leveling and digging the ground with the hoe

The player can also use the hoe in Valheim in order to raise the ground up to a higher level. In order to change the way you are using the hoe, you must first equip it. After the hose is equipped open up the hoe action menu using the right-click button. Then, change to the ‘raise ground’ action.

Note that each time that the player wishes to raise the ground one level they will have to use 4 units of stone. and as with all other features of the hoe, it will have to be used within range of the Workbench. If you’ve been digging or mining with the pickaxe you should have no shortage of stone to use.

digging and raising ground with the hoe
Valheim has a wide range of terraforming tools.

Other Reasons For Digging In Valheim

Digging is not just for aesthetic or for building reasons however. At some point in the game you are going to need to dig! Once you have defeated the third forsaken, Bonemass, you will unlock an item called the Wishbone. Using the wishbone the player can sense hidden objects which are usually buried in the ground.

The player will have to dig in order to find things like buried treasure and veins of valuable silver ore. In the mountains silver ore can be found by digging into the mountainside.

Dig in the mountains to find silver ore in Valheim
Silver ore can be found by digging in the mountains

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