Project Zomboid Muldraugh Map – Build 41

Muldraugh is an area in Project Zomboid without too many distinctive features. It has a general small town vibe and apart from the large military area nearby doesn’t really have much hustle and bustle. It is a town build on the side of a highway meaning it is a very accessible area for looting if you have a vehicle. There are a few interesting locations in Muldraugh including some cabins in the woodlands area just out of town. Muldraugh is located on the south east part of the Project Zomboid map as of build 41.

The town is based on the real-life town of Muldraugh, Kentucky.

Muldraugh Map

This guide will focus on the Muldraugh Map, an in-game item used for navigation around the area of Muldraugh. There are online resources available to find your way around in Project Zomboid but the vanilla way of getting around your bearing around town is by using the in-game map. We will talk about some places of getting the map and what you can do with it.

Project Zomboid Muldraugh map in inventory - build 41

Where to find the Muldraugh Map in Project Zomboid

The Muldraugh Map, like most other map items, has a really good chance at spawning in gas stations on the shelves with the magazines. You will have a better chance at finding a Muldraugh Map within Muldraugh but it isn’t required to only look there. Any gas station on the whole Project Zomboid map can have a map of Muldraugh in it. Just look around!

You can also find maps on undead corpses or in houses in bookshelves. Though they are rather rare so your best chance of finding one is in Gas stations or in stores.

Using the map in-game

To open up the map in-game after finding it, right click, or select it with the appropriate button on your controller. Select the ‘Open map’ selection.

The full in-game map of Muldraugh in Project Zomboid Build 41
The full map of Muldraugh

This is the entire map of Muldraugh in Project Zomboid, though in-game you will have to scroll as it doesn’t all fit into the menu UI at once. You can see vaguely where different types of building are in the Town. On the left you can see the main highway and how you will get in and out of town.

The legend gives you a rough idea of what you can find in each building without going into any specific details. For example the black buildings or ‘industrial’ could include warehouses, car workshops or even storage units. You will have to go their to find out. There is no way of seeing your character on the Map in game. You will have to find some kind of landmark in the game and figure out where you are from there.

Using the map in Project Zomboid

Marking areas of the Map

You can mark areas of interest of make notes on the Muldraugh map in-game. The marks that you write on the map will be saved so you can see them later, or share the map with a friend.

Using the Muldraugh map menu in Project Zomboid

In addition to being able to mark areas of the map and drop it, you can also rename the map to something different. This could be very helpful if you have multiple maps that show different things. For example while playing Project Zomboid multiplayer you may have a map that you want to share with the rest of your team, and a map that is just for you. Or, perhaps you want to create a map for an enemy to lure them into a trap. You can rename the map for bookkeeping purposes.

Adding symbols and words to the muldraugh map in project zomboid - build 41

By selecting the ‘Add marking’ menu at the bottom of the map UI you can add different markings from the right side menu. You will need a pen or pencil to be able to add markings to a map and an eraser to remove them. You can see all of the available markings on the top right hand side of the above image. Note the part in the middle of the map that is circled in red. On this Muldraugh map I have circled a house in town that I used as my home base.

You can add text to the map by selecting the ‘Add Note’ button on the bottom of the UI. You can change your pen color on the right side of the UI and click an area on the map to start writing. Don’t worry, you do not have to freehand write anything. You simply type your text into a small text box and it will be written on the map automatically.

That is just about everything you will need to know about the Muldraugh Map item in Project Zomboid. You can check out our coverage on the full Project Zomboid build 41 map here. As usual if you have any questions, comments or ideas leave a comment in the box below. Good luck out there survivors!

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