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Diplomacy and relations are a very important part of your journey in Mount and Blade Bannerlord. Having the right allies in Calradia can make your goal a lot easier. Whether you want a lord to help you on a campaign, or you want them to join your kingdom having a good relation to some lords is very important. One of the most common ways to improve relations with lords is to do quests for them. But, there is another way. Did you know that as head of your clan you can actually marry off your brothers, sisters and children to members of other clans for a relationship boost? Read on to find out more.

How to Marry Off Family Members

To offer your family member’s hand in marriage you must first have a family member that is single and of age. If you have an eligible bachelor, you can find another clan with a single family member and offer them to be betrothed. To do this, seek out the head of another clan with an eligible clan member of their own and select the option “I have something to discuss”, then select the option which explains “I would like to propose an alliance between our families through marriage”. You will now be taken to the barter screen where you can choose who is going to marry who and pay some gold until the NPC is satisfied with the offer.

Propose an alliance in Bannerlord
This brings you to a series of options regarding who is available to be married off

Once you have passed the barter successfully, your family member, (or you if your chose the option), will be immediately married to the character for which the barter was discussed. Be careful when at the barter screen as there is no going back on your decision once you have completed the barter. the decision is final.

Marrying off a family member to form an alliance
You will have to barter to buy into a family depending on your renown and clan level

Why Make An Alliance Through Marriage?

There are a few reasons that you might want to make an alliance with other characters though marriage. For starters, you will get an immediate relationship boost with the entire clan in which you marry in to. If you are planning to persuade these clan members at any time in the future, it is going to be a good idea to get a bit of a head start on chipping them away. Another reason is, if the members like you enough they may not actually want to fight you when it comes to blows in war.

To be honest, what else are you going to do with your family members? By marrying them off and having them a better chance at having children of their own, you will only grow your clan even further. This makes for very inexpensive vassals as part of your dynasty. You can decide exactly who you want your family members to marry and get a better chance at growing your kingdom even further through family alliances.

The good part is, you can still control you family members and have them join your party when they are married, so you really aren’t losing anything by marrying them off and forming an alliance. This can be especially helpful if you want to form an alliance with the leader of an entire faction. having an an eligible family member for marriage can help you to get more fiefs when you help your kingdom take castles and towns. Remember, the more the leader likes you, the more chance you have at winning fiefs and land.

So, if you have quite a large family and you are apart of a larger faction, you can use them to gain the faction leader’s trust and form an alliance with them. The only thing you’ll have to make sure you have is a good amount of money as marrying into a faction leader’s family is going to take a little bit more money that trying to form an alliance with some random vassal.

Where Can I See If My Family Member Can Be Married?

You can check all of the characters in the game and see information about them using the in-game encyclopedia. By right-clicking on any character’s portrait or by selecting their name whilst in conversation, you will be taken to that character’s encyclopedia page. you can also open up the encyclopedia by pressing the N key by default. In the encyclopedia, navigate to your own character’s encyclopedia page. There, you can see a list of all of your friends, enemies and family members. We are interested in the family members.

encyclopedia page for family member in Bannerlord
Nogand is single and ready to mingle be married off to some stranger for a relationship boost

If you select any of your family members you can view their encyclopedia page in Bannerlord. If you would like to see if they have not yet been married to anyone, check their page and go into their family section. If they have no character there occupying the “Spouse” category. As you can see in the above image, my brother Nogand has not yet found himself a wife. Luckily, I am going to find one for him. Family members, as with all other character in Bannerlord can only be married into heterosexual relationships. There is no homosexual marriage in Mount and Blade Bannerlord at all.

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