How to Research in Going Medieval – Books and Chronicles

This will be a short guide to show players how research works in Going Medieval. In order to unlock new technologies and blueprints, players will have to use research. After a certain threshold of research is done they will be able to unlock various different things for the colony.

Researching tables and actually getting books can be a little confusing. Going Medieval has a unique research system that will confuse people that have already played a lot of colony simulators. Although there is an in-game tutorial on how to research, this guide will go through the steps you need to undertake, to research and unlock new things.

Building a Research Table

To begin with, you won’t even be able to access the research in Going Medieval. In order to unlock the research tab and see the available research you will have to build your first Basic Research Table. To build your table, go to the Production blueprint menu. You can select it from the bottom left of the UI or press the F2 key. Now, find the object, Basic Research Table in this menu. Select it from this list and place down the blueprint somewhere. It is recommended to be built inside. Production will be faster if this is inside.

Building a basic research table in Going Medieval
Place down a research table inside for a production speed bonus

Once you have 60 wood in your colony, one of your settlers will build the research table. You can right-click the blueprint and choose the option to prioritize the job if you would like it built in a hurry. As long as one of you settlers is assigned to construction they will build it eventually. Once the table is built, you will unlock the research tab at the top of the screen and can begin producing Chronicles.

How Does Research and Books Work?

The research system works like this. You will have to have settlers physically create research through chronicles and books. Every time they finish research you will have a physical item that goes with it. Be very careful where you store this research. If this research is destroyed you will have to create even more in order to research a new task. Take a look at the image below for example.

Unlocking the armorer research through the research menu in Going Medieval
Research is unlocked by collecting research books and notes

Here we have the Armorer research. In order to research this piece of technology we have to research everything that came before it. The two items that came before this and the chronicles needed to unlock them are the following:

  • Architecture: 15 Chronicle
  • Tailoring: 20 Chronicle
  • Armorer: 30 Chronicle

Once you research an item your total count is also included as part of that. This means, in order to research Armorer you will need to have a total of 65 Chronicle in your stockpiles. Even if you research tailoring and then all of your Chronicles are destroyed you will have to create a new 65. Now, how do we create chronicles? We will cover that in the next section.

How to Do Research and Get Chronicles and Books in Going Medieval

So how do we get chronicles? Once the research table is built you are not finished yet. Your settlers will not immediately start researching like in Rimworld. You have to physically produce research and use it to unlock topics. Go to your freshly built research table and select it. This will open up a menu like any other production facility. Like any other facility, you have to add the research to the production queue.

Producing chronicles at the basic research table in Going Medieval
Research is a physical item produced at the research tables

Now, press the little icon which looks like a pile of books. This is found in the Products area. This will add the job of producing chronicles to the production queue. Work is ready to begin! You can also decide the amount of chronicles to produce but as you will constantly need research to unlock everything, it’s best to just set it to forever. This means production and research, will never stop. Make sure that one of your settlers are assigned to the research job in the jobs menu.

You may note at this point that the research job is pretty far down the priority list. It may be a good idea to have at least one settler prioritize research over other non-important jobs. Otherwise you will barely have any research happening and will not unlock anything new.

Producing Books and Thesis in Going Medieval

Once you have advanced from the chronicles you will be able to make more advanced research. Different research such as books and thesis are produced at other work stations. By unlocking the Research II and Research III topics, you will unlock new research production areas. The second of these is called the Research Table where you can create Textbooks and the third is the Advanced Research Table where you can create Thesis.

Producing books through the menu of the Research table in Going Medieval
The Research Table produces textbooks and is unlocked with Research II

It is important to note that though these seem like upgraded versions of the basic research table, they are completely different. You cannot create chronicle at the Research table or Advanced research table. So, you will need all three of these as long as there is still research that requires them. Plus, it may be a good idea to keep all of them just in case any of your old stock is damaged.

The way you produce textbooks and thesis is the exact same as the chronicles so there’s no reason me going into detail on those.

That about wraps up how to research in Going Medieval. I hope that this guide helped you understand the research system in Going Medieval. I personally really like what they’ve done with this mechanic. I like that you have to physically store and take care of your older research. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on what I should write a guide about next, leave a comment below!


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