Project Zomboid – Queasy Explained

Project Zomboid is a deep RPG survival game. The game has many different survival mechanics ranging from a deep extensive crafting system, to a fully functioning health mechanic system with limb damage and sickness. Whilst playing the game you may come across the Queasy moodle. I am here to explain what this is and what you can do to keep surviving if your character becomes queasy.

As always Project Zomboid is in early access and still in development. In-game mechanics and content is subject to change. To keep up with the latest in Project Zomboid’s development check out the official Project Zomboid website.

What is Queasy?

Queasy is one of the many moodles in the game of Project Zomboid. Moodles can wither be positive or negative and have different effects on your character. The queasy moodle is a negative one. It refers to the first stage of your character getting a sickness.

The queasy moodle in Project Zomboid lets you know when your character is getting sick
The in-game queasy symbol

The queasy moodle appears at the top right of your screen with all of the other moodles. If you see a symbol with a small green face with the tongue sticking out then back news. Your character has done something to make them feel queasy. The in-game tooltip reads Take things easy when you put your mouse over the moodle. This refers to the fact you should have your character rest up when queasy. As suggested by the name, queasy means your character is feeling slightly nauseous. The next stage of sickness after queasy is nauseous, followed by sick and then fever.

How to Get Queasy in Project Zomboid

There are a few different ways that your character can get the queasy moodle in Project Zomboid. As the moodle is the first stage of the sickness moodle tree, you can imagine there are a few different ways to getting it. unfortunately one of these includes a zombie infection. Don’t stress however if your character is suddenly queasy. You may just have symptoms for another reason.

A character about to eat a raw steak and become queasy in Project Zomboid
Some foods will be dangerous is consumed and can make your character feel sick or queasy

One of the reasons your character can get queasy is from eating something bad. Eating rotten or raw foods will always make your character feel sick. If you see the queasy moodle appear on your screen for your character and have eaten something ‘questionable’ recently that is probably why.

As aforementioned one of the reasons your character can be queasy is because they are infected. This can wither be a regular infection from an injury, or a zombie virus infection. If you have recently been bitten and then get the queasy on your character, bad luck. There’s a good chance your character has been infected and will not recover. There are many other reason your character could be sick including extreme pain and overheating. As you can imagine, cooling your character down when overheated should fix them back up.

How to Cure/Fix Queasy

There are many different ways to curing your character when they are queasy in Project Zomboid. Depending on the reason your character is queasy it may be a simple fix, or impossible. For example, if your character is exposed to too much heat they may become queasy. They are obviously just feeling sick from the amount of heat they are exposed to. By taking off some layers of clothing and hanging out inside, your character will start to feel better naturally.

Resting in project zomboid to get rid of the queasy moodle
When sick, a good meal and rest will get your character back to good health. Sometimes…

The best way to cure queasy if it is from a general sickness or injury is to rest your character. Make sure you are just hanging around your base for a while relaxing. Painkillers and other medications may also help get rid of your sickness quicker as well. Sleep in good pieces of furniture like beds and eat very nutritious foods. If your character has a high cooking skill they will be able to see the nutrition level of each food type. Eat enough to keep your character full and utilize sleeping pills to keep them tired. The more you rest, the quicker your character will be able to heal from their queasy effect.

Queasy From Infection

If you find that your character isn’t getting better from queasy chances are they are too far in. Zombies spread the virus through scratches and bites to the player. Unfortunately if your character falls queasy after suffering damage at the hands of a zombie, chances are they won’t make it. There is a chance that the injury just has a regular infection though. Check the health tab and inspect the area that has been damaged if you are queasy. If your character has a regular infection, infected will show next to their injury. This does not mean your character is infected with the zombie virus, just a regular infection.

Zombie virus infections will never appear in the health tab.


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