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How to Get Cloth in Rimworld

Cant figure out where to get cloth in Rimworld? Read this handy guide to figure out how to grow, trade and loot cloth.

How To Get Plasteel In Rimworld – 5 Methods

Plasteel is more of a late-game item. That being said, if your colony is absolutely burning through the research trees you will find yourself in need of plasteel sooner rather than later on your playthrough. This guide on plasteel will go into detail about how to find plasteel in the Vanilla game of Rimworld.

How to make kibble in Rimworld

We are going to break down exactly what you are going to need to make kibble in Rimworld. Kibble is used as animal feed and can also be used to satisfy your colonists’ hunger if you are in a tight spot and don’t have any alternatives. It can be used to train and tame almost any animal in Rimworld.

Project Zomboid mods build 41 map

The 5 most popular Project Zomboid Map Mods

Today we are exploring the 5 map mods for the game Project Zomboid that have the most subscribers on the Steam workshop. Project Zomboid is a hardcore RPG survival game set in the zombie apocalypse. Even though the game does feature a huge expansive map in the vanilla game, some players may want to expand the map or explore new, player created maps.

How to forage in Project Zomboid with menu

How to Forage in Project Zomboid (Build 41 Updated!)

This is a short guide on how to use the foraging skill in the game Project Zomboid. Foraging is the act of searching the ground on a forest area to try to find items to use or consume. Project Zomboid can be a little bit tricky as it is a hardcore survival game.

How to cook in Project Zomboid Chiicken Roast

How to cook in Project Zomboid

Confused on how to cook meals whilst surviving the apocalypse in Project Zomboid? Look no further as we are going to break down exactly how to cook meals, and how they can help you survive. By the end of this guide you should be a culinary master worthy of even Gordon Ramsey’s praise.

How to feed animals – Rimworld Help

To feed animals in Rimworld you must simply have a food in the allowed area of the specific animal. You must also make sure that the food is a part of that creatures diet. For example some animals, like the Muffalo are herbivores. They along with a few others like the cow and horse will graze upon any grass available to them in their allowed area. Herbivores will eat Haygrass, berries and other vegetarian crops