How to Set a New Spawn Point in Valheim

To set a new spawn point in Valheim you must build a bed and sleep in it once night comes.

In this post we are going to go through a step-by-step guide on how to set up your own spawn point and how to change your active spawn point to keep you fighting in Valheim. We will cover how to build yourself a bed that you can use to sleep in, how to make sure you have a fire close enough and teach you how to change spawn points if you have multiple bases or beds.

If you’re new to Valheim you can check out my review of the game here.

The Fundamentals of a Spawn Point in Valheim

For those that are unaware, a spawn point In a video game, is a place where your character will respawn or start again after they are defeated. This is especially prevalent in survival crafting games such as Valheim, Ark, or Minecraft. All of these games feature a similar spawn point mechanic and are completed in much the same way.

So it may just be simple right? I throw down a bed in the middle of nowhere and click on it? No! There are a few things you need to know about creating a bed and spawn point in Valheim. Follow this step-by-step guide to make yourself a cozy little place to start your adventure off again once you ‘eventually’ die.

Step 1: Gather materials

Before you are able to even start crafting or building your spawn point you will need to gather the materials for doing so! Some of the things you will need are:

  • A good supply of wood
  • A hammer to build with
  • An area to build in
  • Some stone to build a Campfire
  • A Workshop to begin building


  • An axe to make gathering wood easier

Gathering Wood

Wood can be gathered either straight from the ground from Branches or obtained in large amounts by cutting down trees. We have included the axe items as optional as whilst having one is not exactly necessary to building your spawn point, you will be able to gather wood faster by using an axe.

If you don’t have an axe and want to live that’ axe-free lifestyle’, you can press the ‘E’ key on branches on the ground to gather 1 piece of wood, or use any damaging tool on the smaller thin trees you can see around the forest. You can even punch these trees by hand or by using a Club.

Getting a Hammer

You can read our full guide on building and obtaining a Hammer here. But the short of it is that you will need to find some wood and stones to get yourself a trusty Hammer. The Hammer is the gateway to all construction in Valheim, be it furniture or shelter.

Selecting an Area to Build

Depending on how big you want to make your shelter, you will need an open area to build it. Try to find an area without too many trees or objects around, with enough space to design your dream home… or shack.

Note that you won’t be able to build within a small radius of the starting area with the stones.

Gathering Stones

Valheim is cold! To be able to sleep in your bed you will need to have a fireplace burning nearby. You can craft one through the building menu once you have acquired a Hammer. For this you will need some wood to burn, but also some stones to build a fire pit. Unearth small stones from the ground. If you’re having trouble finding any, check on cliff/mountainous areas or by the water.

Building a Workshop

You must build and place a workshop if you want to construct anything in Valheim. You will see at the bottom of the build UI that Workshop is one of the requirements to building certain items and constructions. Once you have the required materials for a workshop, when you try to place if you will see a large circle denoting a radius around the workshop. This is the area in which you can build and still use the Workshop in.

Step 2: Build a Shelter

You could either build a bed or a shelter first, this doesn’t necessarily have to be done first but for the sake of this guide, we will build a small shelter and then move on. To sleep in a bed one of the requirements is that the bed has a roof over it so that is why we must build a shelter. In the example shown below, I didn’t have a great deal of materials or time at my disposal, so I simply used two 2 meter wood posts for a support and attached 45 degree thatch roof to make a cozy little lean-to. This is considered closed-in enough to sleep in the bed.

Step 3: Build a Bed

Now that you have a shelter standing it’s time to put in a bed. If you ended up using more materials than you bargained for and don’t have any wood left, go and collect some more. Beds will require 8 units of wood to build.

Make sure you build your bed under the roof of your building/shack/hut. Once you have a bed set up you are almost there!

Step 4: Build and Place a Campfire

Once you’ve got the bed you are close to being able to use it properly! If you do try to sleep in your bed a message will come up on the screen saying that you need a burning Campfire nearby. You can build a Campfire by selecting your Hammer and going back into the building menu. Once you are in the building menu, select the ‘Misc’ tab and click on Campfire. Put the Campfire relatively close to the bed, as there is only a small radius in which it will be effective for the bed. Once you have it down, be careful not to step on it as you can catch fire in Valheim.

Step 5: The Last Step! Set Your Spawn Point!

Once you’ve completed all of the above steps it is finally time to set your spawn point. With everything built, move to your comfy bed and press the ‘E’ key by default. This will set this bed as the spawn point. You will not wake up here whenever you perish or are defeated in battle.

Optional: Change Spawn Point

Once you have made your base and set your spawn point that isn’t the end. If you decide you want to build a new base, or just get sick of an area you can set a new bed as the spawn area at any time. Simply go to your newly built bed and set it as the spawn point in the same way as shown in step 5. You can always come back to your original base and reselect it as well! There is no limit to changing your spawn point in Valheim.

Goodbye and good luck warriors!

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  1. Personally, I’ve been killed as my most recently selected bed was destroyed during a “forest is moving” event so I’m reluctant to start a new base far from the original spawn point now.

    • That sucks Marvin! I’ve had it happen a couple of times too. If you’re interested it is possible to teleport around the map in Valheim using cheats. I wrote a guide on it here.

      If you know roughly where your base is maybe you can find it again!

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