4 Tips to Level Electrical in Project Zomboid (Build 41)

In Project Zomboid your character will have a variety of skills to level up and benefit from. By leveling up these skills, you will be able to do expand the amount of things you can craft and things you can do. One of these skills is the electrical skill.

By gaining experience in electrical you will be able to craft some interesting electrical devices. But how do you actual gain experience in this skill? Read below.

How to Gain Experience in Electrical Skill in Project Zomboid

There are many actions that will lead to your character leveling their electrical skill in Project Zomboid. These include:

You can small amounts of electrical experience by dismantling old objects

Before you try to dismantle anything I will always recommend reading the electrical skill books. These books will make your character gain experience in a skill at an advanced rate. Depending on your current skill level, you will have to have the correct book as well.

Dismantling Small Objects For Electrical Experience

The first thing you can do in order to gain electrical skill is to dismantle any object you don’t need. You will need to find a screwdriver first before you can start dismantling electrical objects but as they are fairly common, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Some great items to look out for include watches that can be looted from enemy corpses.

If you don’t particularly fancy combat another great method is to go through a residential area. You can go house to house and disassemble all of the electronics. This includes TVs, microwaves and anything else that you will not need. In general, the bigger and more complex the object, the more experience you will gain from taking it apart.

Disassembling a TV in Project Zomboid to gain electrical experience
Disassembling TVs and microwaves will give you a great boost to you electrical skill

Anothing thing that may not be obvious is that most cars also have a radio. By accessing the mechanics of the vehicle this radio can be taken out and disassembled as well.

Crafting Electronic Equipment

This tip works well with the first one as well. Now that you’ve dismantled all of those electrical items you’ve probably got a lot of electrical scrap. To begin with you will not be able to craft any electrical items. Through reading electrical magazines and others you will learn to craft electrical items. For example, walkie-talkies, radios and other miscellaneous electronics.

You will probably have a lot of leftover items when disassembling electronics anyway so chances are you will be able to make a few of these items from your scrap. In general this will give you a better boost than just pulling items apart. Plus, you can then disassemble these items again after you have crafted them. This way you can gain even more electrical experience.

Dismantling World Objects in Project Zomboid

Along with all of the general electrical items found as loot or in houses, there are a bunch of items you probably never knew you could dismantle. For example, in the larger stores and residential areas there are plenty of electronics to break down. One good example is pay phones. You cant really do anything with them anyway so why not break them down for materials and experience.

In the image above, you can see that I am breaking down a Large Modern Oven with only a screwdriver. This is interesting because to break down a regular house oven your character will need a propane torch and a welding mask. This Large Modern Oven gave my character 15 experience as the multiplier was 3 because of the electrical skill level and reading the book. This means that a large oven gives a base experience of 5 without any boosts. That’s 10x the experience of a walkie-talkie!

Read Skill Books to Boost Electrical Leveling

As with all other skills, skill books will help you level electrical faster. For every skill there are books which, when read, add a multiplier to the amount of experience gained for a short while. There are 5 books which range from Beginner Electrical to Master Electrical. Each of these books multiply the experience gained for 2 levels. For example, the Beginner Electrical skill book will help you gain level 1 and 2 faster. Electricity for Intermediates will help your character get to level 3 and 4 faster.

Once one of these multiplier skill books is read, you will see some animated arrows next to the Electrical skill. This means that any experience gained during the time this is visible will be multiplied by a small amount. Be aware that this will not last forever, but you can read the same book multiple times to get the effect back. If you can find the books, you should always try to read these before going on a big disassembling spree.