A Guide to Events – Valheim

In Valheim there are many random events that can take place within the game. There aren’t any particular triggers to having an event take place in Valheim but there are stages of the game where some events will be locked and can no longer happen. We will go through all of the different events in Valheim and talk about what you can do to defend your base from attacks and how you can stop the events from happening altogether.

What Are Events in Valheim?

Events are random things that can happen in Valheim. An event is when a group of enemies will attempt to siege your base and destroy you and your belongings. Events will only take place at the player’s base while they are near it. Do not worry about leaving your base behind and losing everything. There are a few different types of events that can take place in Valheim and depending on what stage of the game the player is at, they will have different types of enemies attacking their base.

When an event takes place the minimap will have this indicator

Each time the player defeats a forsaken enemy in Valheim they will unlock a new event. Which event is triggered depends on what forsaken boss the player is up to. When an event is taking place at the player’s base a message will appear o the screen depending on what type of event happens. Enemies will spawn in depending on the event and try to destroy the player’s base. If playing multiplayer the event can happen if at least 1 player is present at a base.

Events can only take place once a player can built a bed and campfire at a location. There is no way that aany event can be triggered before this happens.

Eikthyr Rallies The Creatures of The Forest

The event in Valheim, ‘Eikthyr Rallies the Creatures of the Forest can occur at any point in the game once the player has started a world and created a bed and campfire. In this base raid event, Necks and Boars will attack the player’s base and attempt to defeat the player. This is a very easy event to survive as just with basic gear it is pretty easy to defeat a boar or neck in one or two hits.

Eikthyr rallies the creatures of the forest Valheim
Eikthyr’s base raid event

This event can happen at random at any point in the game until the player has defeated Eikthyr. Most players won’t even know that this event exists as Eikthyr is fairly easy to beat and once it is done with, the event can never happen again.

One of the best parts about this event is the fact that all of the enemies are fairly easy to kill and it saves the player having to go out and hunt boar and neck to get food. Essentially the food is coming straight to the base. There are a lot of memes which compare this event to an uber eats delivery. When the event ends a message saying “The creatures are calming down”.

The Forest Is Moving

The forest is moving is the second event that players can encounter in Valheim. In this event, the player will be attacked by an army of Greydwarf creatures. The creatures that will attempt to defeat the player during this event are regular greydwarfs, greydwarf shaman and greydwarf brutes.

The enemies that attack during the forest is moving are still bound by the same rules and weaknesses. Greydwarfs are still afraid of fire and will attempt to flee if they come too close to a lit fire. Shamans and brutes however are not afraid of fire at all and will simply run past these objects and items. This one is actually kind of tough, especially if you get some of the advanced troops spawning in. If you have built a wall around your base you should be pretty fine as you can just defeat the enemies with ranged attacks or wait it out.

The forest is moving Valheim
The forest is moving! The Greydwarfs are about.

This event can happen if the player has defeated Eikthyr, but has not yet defeated the second forsaken, The Elder. This event is a good source of greydwarf eyes, but should otherwise be pretty survivable. When the event is over the player will see the message, “The forest rests again”.

A Foul Smell From The Swamp

Once the player has defeated The Elder they will unlock the possibility of having the random event, ‘A foul smell from the swamp’. In this Valheim event, the player will be attacked and pursued by enemies that are obviously found in the swamp. Both skeletons and Draugr will attempt to defeat the player by any means necessary.

A foul smell from the swamp Valheim
In this event, armies of the undead will siege the player

This one can be a little bit more annoying as both skeletons and draugr both have ranged units which can spawn in for the event. A good sturdy blunt weapon is recommended to fight off this event. You can simply wait it out as with all of the other events, or go around trying to fight the draugr. I would recommend trying to defeat as many draugr as possible when this event takes place as they drop a resource called entrails upon being defeated. When combined with thistle and raw meat, entrails create a very decent food type called sausages, which raises the players health and stamina quite a bit.

The sky will also turn green and make it slightly harder to see during the duration of this event. Players could dig a moat which would leave their base completely protected as all of the enemies which spawn during a foul smell from the swamp are land based enemies. Both skeletons and draugr cannot jump so use that to your advantage. Luckily none of the other swamp creatures such as blobs or leeches spawn so you will not be in danger of poison damage. After this event is over the message “The smell is gone”, will appear on the screen.

A Cold Wind Blows From The Mountains

The fourth boss-related event that can take place in Valheim is called ‘A cold wind blows from the mountains’. In this event, the player will be attacked by a group of drakes. This is one of the hardest events to defend against. Not only does this event spawn drakes that will attack the player, but it will change the weather around where the player is located to make them cold as well, stunting stamina regeneration.

a cold wind blows from the mountains valheim drake attack
Dragons attack in this Valheim world event

Apart from the obvious problem of a ranged enemy attacking the player and their base the enemy also flies through the air making it almost impossible to keep the enemy out of the base. They will fly over any walls or moats that the player builds. With this in mind, the is one of the most difficult events as mechanically it is very hard to defend against the drakes.

The best thing you can do if you don’t want to fight the drakes head on, is to bunker down and simply wait for the event to end. If you have the capabilities, I would recommend making a few frost resistance potions and getting a good ranged weapon to take the drakes out. My personal favorite helmet in the game, (and second best stat-wise), is crafted using drake trophies as an ingredient. I always try to defeat as many drake as i can when faced with a cold wind blows from the mountains as I love the helmet. Once the player has defeated the fourth forsaken, Moder they will no longer get this event. “The cold wind is gone” signifies the end of this event.

The Horde is Attacking

The final forsaken boss event that can take place in Valheim is ‘the horde is attacking’. The horde, refers to the enemies called the fuling. All fuling enemies can spawn during this event making it the hardest to deal with enemy-wise. Fuling are extremely formidable enemies, even with the best gear i the game equipped. Not only can regular fuling spawn, (which are hard enough on their own), but also fuling shaman and berserkers making this one tough battle.

valheim the horde is attacking
The last forsaken event in the current version of Valheim

This event is triggered at a random time after the player has defeated the 4th forsaken Moder, but not yet defeated the 5th called Yagluth. The goblins are known as fuling and are Yagluth’s personal army of followers. These creatures will seek out the player and lay waste to their structures if the proper defenses are not in place. Luckily there is some things that the player can do to prepare for the attack and remain relatively safe from the horde is attacking.

By building up high in Valheim, or even building a moat, the player can stay pretty safe within their base, even when this event is happening. Be sure to stay out of sight of any fuling shaman that spawn however, as they do have a ranged fireball attack that can take out the unprepared adventurer.

Once the event is over the message “the horde is retreating” will appear on the screen. Once Yagluth is defeated the event will no longer spawn.

Other Miscellaneous Events

There are a few other miscellaneous events that can trigger in Valheim once the player has met certain conditions. One that many may have come across already is the ground starts to shake. I will list below some of the random events that can take place through general playing of Valheim and what van be done to trigger these events.

“The Ground is Shaking”

If the player has defeated both The Elder and defeated at least one troll in Valheim they may get the event ‘The Ground is Shaking’. In this event the player will be attacked by trolls that will spawn in the area.

The event will be over when the message ‘The shakes start to fade” appears.

“Skeleton Suprise”

Skeleton surprise is another event that can take place randomly in the world of Valheim. Once the player has defeated Bonemass they may be randomly attacked by a large group of skeletons. This group can not only include regular skeletons but also rancid remains which are large skeletons that can inflict poison damage with their attacks.

Valheim skeleton suprise

The event ends with the message “Skeletons are tired of fighting”.

There’s a Smell of Sulfur in The Air

Another event which can take place in Valheim is ‘Theres a smell of sulfur in the air”. In this event, the player will be attacked by Surtling. This event can only take place once the player has defeated the forsaken of the swamp, Bonemass and also defeated at least one surtling enemy.

Once the event is over the message “the smell is fading” will appear on the screen.

You Are Being Hunted

Perhaps one of the most terrifying events in Valheim is the ‘You are being Hunted” event. In this random world event the player will be hunted by a pack of wolves. This doesn’t only mean in the mountains, these wolves will follow the player anywhere. Due to the difficulty of these enemies compared to the rest and their movement speed, this one is arguably the most deadly.

Valheim you are being hunted
You are being hunted

I am currently unsure as to how you unlock this event in Valheim. I assume that it would be just the fact that you’ve defeated some wolves but I am not sure what trigger is required to unlock this event. Once the event is over a message saying ‘The hunt is over” will appear.

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