A Guide to Every Valheim Vegvisir

This is going to be a guide covering the many vegvisir that can be found in Valheim. We will not only go through all the different Vegvisir that can be found in the game, but talk about what they are and how they can be used in order to track down the forsaken across the Valheim map.

What is a Vegvisir?

Vegvisir Meaning

A vegvisir (pronounced VEGG-vee-seer), especially in Valheim is another name for a marker. The word is Icelandic and translates to “that which shows the way”. In Valheim, Vegvisirs are physical runestones which tell the player where certain things can be found on the map.

In Valheim

When a Vegvisir is interacted with in Valheim, the location of one of the game’s forsaken creatures will be marked on the players’ map. This marker will be the location in which a forsaken or Valheim boss can be spawned and fought. The location which can be marked on your map can, (and often does), include areas of the map which can not yet been explored. The player won’t be able to see the terrain or land in which the location falls. A symbol will appear on the map showing exactly where the forsaken will be found. As soon as the player interacts with a vegvisir the map will overlay across the screen, so be warned if you are currently in a battle.

Eikthyr Vegvisir

The first vegvisir you will find is the vegvisir for Eikthyr. This one is interesting as it is the only vegvisir which is is unique. There is only one vegvisir for Eikthyr, which appears at the very start of your journey at the sacrificial stones. Once the Valkyrie carried the player to this area and drops them down, one of the first things that you can do in the game is interact with Eikthyr’s vegvisir which will show you where Eikthyr can be summoned from.

The vegvisir for Eikthyr shown in-game in Valheim
The easiest vegvisir to find

Vegvisir Eikthyr Location

There is no special searching to be done here in order to locate this one. Hugin the crow even lands on top of this vegvisir and tells the player about it.

The Elder Vegvisir

The second vegvisir that you should search for on your journey to destroy the forsaken is the vegvisir for The Elder. This is the first vegvisir that the player will actually have to go out and search for. Being one of the most difficult, due to the lack of tutorial surrounding it, the vegvisir for The Elder is going to stump a lot of early players.

The in-game vegvisir for The Elder in Valheim
Interact with this vegvisir to mark The Elder’s map location

Vegvisir The Elder Location

The vegvisir for The Elder can be found in the Black Forest biome. It most commonly appears in the burial crypts which can be found throughout the biome if you search for skeletons. Vegvisirs for The Elder can also appear on or near the other random structures that are strewn throughout the forest. Personally I have come across a vegvisir which was standing next to a small tower which was occupied by Greydwarfs. I haven’t seen any in the towers which house skeletons, however.

I am unsure whether a vegvisir can be found within a trolls cave as the ones I have personally ventured into have not had one, though that may just be down to dumb luck.

Bonemass Vegvisir

The third forsaken, Bonemass also has a vegvisir which will need to be found to mark the location of its spawn point. The mass of green slime is going to be located in a swamp somewhere on the map. As such, the player will have to journey into the swamp in order to find the vegvisir for this forsaken. Valheim has 5 biomes currently and the swamp is the 3rd.

the vegvisir for bonemass which is surrounded by dirst water and a green torch in Valheim
The Bonemass vegvisir is found by searching the sunken crypts in the swamps

Vegvisir Bonemass Location

To find this one, players will be taking their journey to the swamp, as aforementioned. You will need to have defeated The Elder before you can find the vegvisir for Bonemass as finding it relies on recovering an item dropped from The Elder.

Once defeated The Elder drops an item called the Swamp Key. This key can be used to open up the gates locking the sunken crypts found throughout the swamp. Once inside these crypts, the player can explore different rooms underneath the surface. Sometimes, in these labyrinths under the swamp the player will come across the vegvisir for Bonemass. The vegvisir is generally accompanied by a chest or some Withered Bone.

Moder Vegvisir

The vegvisir is one of the harder ones to find in Valheim. The fourth forsaken is a very difficult fight, simply because she is so hard to find! Your journey to find the 4th vegvisir of the game will take you to the snowy mountains. This vegvisir looks just like all of the others in the game. Finding this will obviously mark the location from where Moder can be summoned.

Moder vegvisir, seen in a structure in the mountains in Valheim
The vegvisir for Moder is found in structures in the mountains biome

Vegvisir Moder Location

This Vegvisir, as aforementioned, can be found i the mountains. Similar to the other vegvisir before it, it can be found in structures on the mountains. This vegvisir can only be found in certain structures on the mountains biome however. One of the best methods for finding the vegvisir for Moder is to go as high as you can and look for stone buildings. The vegvisir will never spawn in any of the small wood cabins on the mountains. The best place you could look if you are really having trouble finding this is the highest mountain you can possibly find. Make sure you have warm gear and get as much elevation as you can to find these stone buildings.

Yagluth Vegvisir

This is the last vegvisir available to find in the current version of Valheim’s early access game. This is the vegvisir for the last boss which is available in the plains and will make a marker also in the plains. This vegvisir is unique in the way that it isn’t found inside any type of structure or spawn. You will find it generally out in the middle of an open field.

The vegvisir of Yagluth from Valheim
This vegvisir can be found near rock formations in the plains

Vegvisir Yagluth Location

This is one of the hardest ones to find. This vegvisir will spawn out in the plains area/ Whilst there is no large structure or general area in which this will spawn, it is known to spawn near certain interesting rock features. Check the image above to see one of the possible spawn areas in which the vegvisir for Yagluth can spawn in Valheim. There is another one that I have personally seen which is a large group of rocks in a circle in the middle of a field. The vegvisir is then found in the middle of this rock formation.

That was all five of the vegvisirs currently available in the game right now. Valheim is in early access which means that development on the game has not yet finished. The developers have stated that they wish to have 9 biomes in total at the end of the game’s development. You can expect that to mean that there will be a total of 9 different forsaken and thus 9 different vegvisir to find. When the game is updated and more vegvisir are added this page will stay up to date as soon as possible so you can bookmark it and come back later on if you need to refer to it in the future.

I hope this guide to vegvisir has helped you in your journeys in Valheim.

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