How to Attack Caravans/Neutral Parties in Battle Brothers

In Battle Brothers you will find yourself in control of a mercenary company, taking contracts from townspeople to pay your way. The game is a sandbox where you have free choice on just about everything. Outfit your warriors however you wish and take contracts you want. You may have already seen other NPC groups moving around. You can actually attack these caravans and neutral parties if you wish.

This guide will show you how to attack the other parties on the map and how to raid caravans.


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How to Attack Caravans in Battle Brothers

As you traverse the map in Battle Brothers you will often come across different parties. These can range from human enemies, monsters, peasant and more. One such type of party will be trading caravans. They will be shown as a donkey towing a bunch of supplies. The name will be known as Trading Caravan and the number of men present in this caravan will be shown beside it. There are many different types of caravans. Some will be for supplies. Depending on which type of caravan you attack, there will be different kinds of loot.

Attacking a neutral trading caravan in Battle Brothers
Caravans can be attacked for some decent loot

To attack a trading caravan, hold down the left CTRL key and left-click the caravan. You will notice that the cursor changes from the default hand to a sword symbol. Once you click on the caravan you will not be thrown straight into battle. You will get some information on the types of troops in the caravan and be able to confirm the attack or leave.

Caravans are rather easily beat by a normal team of mercenaries. The caravan guards are not particularly strong. They will also more than likely flee if too many of them are defeated. Attacking a trading caravan will give you negative relations with the town where they came from. You can see where the particular caravan came from in the drop-down menu when hovering over the group.

Attacking a caravan and getting loot in battle brothers
The loot you receive will depend on the type of caravan

You can often get some good loot by attacking caravans. This can include supplies, crowns, items and of course trade goods.

Attacking Peasants in Battle Brothers

Another group of neutral humans roaming the map are peasants. These units are just a group of human settlers who often roam from town to town. You are able to attack peasants as you wish the same was as you would attack a caravan. (Hold CTRL and Left Click)

Fighting peasants in Battle Brothers
Fighting peasants may not be very noble

Attacking peasants can be a good way to level up some of your men early. That being said, it isn’t morally very right to do… The loot you gain from attacking peasants is not particularly good. If you attack a group of peasants the town from where they come from will be immediately hostile to your company.

Attacking Other Mercenary Companies

As you move around the map you will notice other mercenary companies trying to make a living as well. These other mercenaries are generally neutral to the player’s group. In fact, you can even fight together with them to take down enemies. If another company is engaged in battle you can join them as well. This is a great tactic when starting out as you can take down larger groups.

You can also choose to attack other companies in Battle Brothers. That being said, you should only do this when you have a well-established company. Other mercenary companies generally have a great set of equipment and brothers too. Be very wary of any mercenary companies with good troops too such a master swordsman.

Once you try to engage another company, even if you do not go through with the attack, they will become hostile to the player. They will then attack your company on sight as well. Make sure you are prepared for a counter attack. Do not engage another company ever unless you actually plan on going through with the attack.

Defeating an Enemy Company will generally net some decent loot

You will generally get a good range of loot whenever you defeat another mercenary company. This will include whatever weapons they were using (plus some), supplies and obviously some money as well.

Cannot Attack Other Neutral Parties – Fix

One problem reported by Battle Brothers players is the fact that they cannot attack other neutral parties in the game. There are no prerequisites to attacking other parties in Battle Brothers. You can always do this. That being said, while you are currently completing another contract, you are not able to engage neutral parties.

You will have to complete or cancel the current active contract in order to raid caravans or attack other companies. This is the case regardless which version of the game you are playing. You can still attack other parties while you have a current contract, but only if they are already hostile to your group.


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