How to Drop Items in Stardew Valley

In farming RPG game Stardew Valley you can carry around a large range of items. As you progress though the game you will unlock a larger backpack to carry more items around. You will also have the ability to leave most of your items in a chest at home. But if you are carrying too much, you will have to drop something to make room for others.

Perhaps you are playing multiplayer and simply want to drop an item so your partner can pick it up for themselves. Regardless,this guide will show you how to drop items on the ground and how to delete items from your inventory to make more room.


How to Drop Items on PC (Steam)
How to Drop Items on Consoles
How to Drop Items on Stardew Valley Switch Version
How to Remove/Delete Items From Your Inventory (All Versions)
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How to Drop Items in Stardew Valley

Dropping Items on PC

Stardew Valley was first brought out on the PC through Steam so we shall start with this. To drop items on the PC version of the game, first open up the inventory by pressing the E key. Then simply click on the item you want to drop. Now, drag the item off the inventory panel as shown in the image below.

how to drop items in Stardew Valley Pc and Swtich

When you left-click again the item it will be ejected to the ground. It can then be picked up by another player, or you can pick it up again by walking over to it. Be careful when throwing at item on the ground you would like to keep near water. If you throw an item into a water source such as a lake or river the item will be lost forever.

How to Drop Items on PlayStation and Xbox

The method for dropping items on PlayStation and Xbox consoles is almost the same. Here, you will open up the inventory with whichever button you use on your console. Find the item you want to throw away and select it. (X or A)

Now that you have the item, you can use the right control stick as a cursor just like on the computer. Drag the item out of the inventory panel and use the same button you used to pick it up. The item will be dropped onto the ground. Now you can pick it back up by walking away and back towards it, or simply leave it there.

How to Drop Items on Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch

To drop items in Stardew Valley Switch edition, you will first have to change some settings. Firstly, open up the settings and make sure the option “Controller Style Menus” is turned off. Now, open up the inventory menu by using the + or B button. Select the item you wish to throw drop. Now that you have the item selected, move your cursor out of the inventory menu and use the A button to drop in on the ground.

Changing settings to allow dropping items in Stardew Valley Nintendo Swtich
Having the option ‘Use Controller-Style Menus’ toggled on will prevent you from dropping items on the Nintendo Switch version of the game

If you are having the item pop back into your inventory straight away try closing the menu quicker and running away from the item. Due to the fact that items will automatically enter the players inventory when close, it’s best to run away.

If you have the magnet ring accessory equipped try to un-equip it before throwing items away as it will bring the item back into your inventory easier.

How to Delete Items From Your Inventory

If you are simply looking to take items out of your inventory to make space, you can also remove them completely. There are three ways that you can essentially delete items from the game. Firstly, you could walk to the ocean and drop the items into the water. Any water source will make items completely unrecoverable.

Throwing/deleting items in stardew valley on the nintendo switch

The second option for removing items is to drag them into the trash can icon at the bottom right of the backpack menu. This will remove the item from the game. The last option (and probably the smartest one) is to simply sell the item at the shipping box available on your farmstead. This way you will actually get some profit out of the item, rather than just throwing it away. That being said, if you are in a situation outside of the farm and need space for an item, you will have to trash it or just drop it.


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