How to Dismiss Companions in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Companions in Bannerlord

In Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, alongside building up your army and upgrading your troops you can also hire Companions. These are characters which don’t have an assigned set of gear or group and are able to be ordered wherever you wish. Companions can govern fiefs that your clan owns, lead their own parties on the world map and also help in fights. But what happens when you no longer want a certain companion? Well, you can kick companions from the part!

How to Kick Companions From Your Clan in Bannerlord

When you no longer wish to have a companion as part of your clan you can ask them to leave. There are a few ways that you can go about this. The first way you can dismiss a companion is through a dialogue with them. First find the companion in your Party tab. Select them and then click the little speech bubble icon that appears on their card in the party screen. This will begin a dialogue with them.

Using the speech option in Mount and Blade Bannerlord to dismiss a companion from the party
The speech bubble icon allows you to speak with companions in your party

Once you are talking with your companion, select the speech option About your position in the clan… Now, select the option I no longer have need of your services. After you select one of the reasons for the companion leaving the party, they will then be dismissed from the clan.

Dismissing Companions From the Clan Tab

It may happen in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord that your party gets defeated and some of your companions will be lost from the party. When this happens they will roam around to a random tavern in a town. This will make it time consuming to go all the way over to them just to kick them out of the clan. Luckily there is another way that you can kick companions from your clan. With this method, you don’t even have to directly talk to them so it doesn’t matter where they are in Calradia.

To kick a companion from the clan through the clan menu, first we have to open up the clan menu. The hotkey to open up the menu is the L key, or you can just select it from the bottom left. You should automatically be in the Members section of the party menu. From here, scroll down through your family and you will see all of the companions grouped in their own list. Select the companion you wish to dismiss and you will see a large button which reads Kick from Clan appear in the mid right area of the menu. See the image below.

Kicking a companion out of the clan through the clan menu in mount and blade bannerlord
You can kick far-away companions from the Clan menu

If you select this button you will be asked to confirm the action. As the popup will read this action cannot be reversed. The companion will leave the party immediately and take any gear they had with them as well. There will be no dialogue between you and the companion even if they are in your party.

You cannot kick family members out of the clan.

Finding Companions That You’ve Kicked Out

If for some reason you’ve changed your mind and want to get that companion back well you’re in luck! The good news is that when you kick a companion out of your clan they will still remain in the game. As you’ve probably seen there are an abundance of different NPCs across all the taverns in the land. When you kick a companion from your clan they will be randomly sent to a tavern in the world. In order to find the companion again that you’ve kicked out you should consult the in-game encyclopedia.

Pressing the N key will bring up the encyclopedia. Simply search the name of the companion you’ve accidentally removed and you can see where their last known location is. Travel here and you should find them in a tavern. They can once again be recruited to your party but you will have to pay to bring them back on once again. They will not keep the armor and weapons that they had when they were kicked from the clan. They will once again start with nothing.


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