How to Equip Items in Stardew Valley – Clothing, Weapons, Horse Hat

Stardew Valley is a part farm simulator- part RPG game. In this title you will find yourself in charge of your old grandfathers farm. There are many different gameplay avenues in Stardew Valley. As an RPG, you also have the ability to collect and equip certain items be it for aesthetic purposes, such as a nice hat for your trusty steed, or for actual utility, such as rings with special abilities.

Once you find these items it may be a little confusing how to actually equip them to your character. This guide will show you everything you need to know about equipping items on your character, equipping weapons and other helpful tips! To view how to equip bait for fishing rods, click here!

How to Equip Clothes and Rings in Stardew Valley

The first part of this guide will focus on how to equip clothing items to your character. This includes clothes, hats, rings and boot items. All of the clothing items such as hats, shirts and pants won’t provide any bonus to the player. They are only there for aesthetic reasons. The items that you can find such as rings and boots that provide bonuses won’t be seen on the player in the game. They will simply be worn so you can have the effect.

Equipping Items on the PC (Steam)

To equip items such as rings and clothing to your character on the PC version of the game, open up the inventory using the E key. Now that your inventory is open you will see all of the items at the top, and your character at the bottom left of this menu. There are a few boxes around the player where you can place the equip items.

Simply drag the items you wish to equip to your character and drop them into the slots provided. You can a GIF showing how to do this below.

A GIF showing how to equip items to your character in Stardew Valley
Drag and drop to equip items!

How to Equip Items on the Nintendo Switch

Equipping items on the Switch is pretty similar to the PC although you don’t have a mouse to drag the items across the screen here. To equip rings and clothes on the Switch follow these steps:

  1. Press the + button on your Switch controller to open the inventory
  2. Move to the items you wish to equip such as rings, or clothing and press the A button
  3. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the item into the appropriate slot at the bottom of this menu.

How to Equip Items in Stardew Valley on Android

Equipping items while playing on Android or iPhone devices is basically the exact same as equipping them on the PC version of the game. Simply hold on the item you want to equip and drag it into the appropriate slot at the bottom of the inventory menu.

How to Equip a Hat to Your Horse in Stardew Valley

Another thing that you may not know you can do is give your trusty steed a hat of their own! Horses can wear any of the hats that the player can collect in the game. Equipping your horse with a hat of their own is the same process on any platform. Switch, console and Android are all the same. To put a hat on your horse follow these steps:

  1. Get Yourself a hat
  2. Equip the hat in your quickbar. (Make sure you have the hat selected as your current item. There is a red outline around the current item)
  3. Approach your horse and use the interact button. This is the same button you would normally use to get on the horse. With the hat selected, instead of riding the horse, your character will put the hat on their head instead
  4. To take the hat off the horse, equip another hat and use the same method to take the hat off the horse.
a stardew valley screenshot showing a farmer with a horse wearing a hat
You can style your horse with different head-wear

Headwear doesn’t offer any significant benefits to your horse other than for aesthetic reasons.

How to Equip Weapons in Stardew Valley

Weapons are the simplest thing to equip and use in Stardew Valley. All you have to do is make sure they are in the bottom bar available on the screen when you are not in your inventory. You can toggle between the items in the bottom inventory bar. On PC, you can use the scroll wheel.

A player equipping a weapon in Stardew Valley and swinging a sword
Weapons are equipped by scrolling to them in the Quickbar

Once you have a weapon equipped, you can use the action button to use them. For PC, this is the left-mouse button. On the Switch, you can use the Y button to attack with your weapon of choice. Some weapons have an alternate attack. For example, you can also perform a block with the sword equipped. To do this, use the right mouse button, or B button when playing on the Nintendo Switch.


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