Stardew Valley – How to Donate to the Museum

Among the odd jobs and quests that are available in Stardew Valley such as fishing and caring for animals. One of the tasks that you can do is collect items to donate to the museum. The museum is a great place to see your collection of items grow and is necessary for 100% completion. This guide will show you how to donate your items to it.


Where is the Museum?

To get to the museum in Stardew Valley, you will first have to travel east from your farm. If you continue east even further to the town you are in the right map area. The village can be found all the way on the south east part of the town. You will have to cross over the river to get to the museum. Check out the image below to see where this is on the map.

Showing where to donate items on the stardew valley map
The museum is open every day from 8am to 6pm

Once you’ve crossed over the bridge to the east side of the town, you will just have to keep walking straight. You will see a small stand. Keep walking past this and you will come to the museum. The museum is a green building with a purple colored roof. There is a magnifying glass to the left of the door and a book above it.

The stardew valley museum
The museum can be found on the east side of the village

You can only enter the museum during opening times.

How to Donate to the Museum in Stardew Valley

Since the method of donating items is the same on every console, I will just go into the basics in one post. To donate items, simply walk in the door and speak with Gunther. When speaking with him, you will see a dialogue option to donate an item to the museum. You can then select the item you wish to donate from your inventory.

You will then be able to place the item on one of the item stands within the museum. It doesn’t really matter in what order you place the items. it is entirely up to you how you want to arrange the items in the museum.

How to Donate to the Museum on Android

Users have reported difficulty when donating items to the museum when playing on Android devices. To begin with, ensure you have an item that you actually can donate to the museum in your inventory. Head to the museum. The difficult part about donating on Android can be actually interacting with Gunther. You will have to press a specific part of the screen in order to talk with him.

Showing how to donate items to the museum in Stardew Valley android
Interacting with Gunther can be a bit tricky on Android devices

Keep continuously pressing the front of Gunther’s desk in order to start a conversation with him. You will just have to keep pressing this part of the screen until he will talk to you. It is a known problem on Android that the area you have to press is quite small. Once you have pressed the right place, the dialogue box with Gunther will open and from there, you can donate to him.

How to Rearrange Items in the Stardew Valley Museum

Have you donated a bunch of items to the museum and just placed them in random places? Wish you could organize everything and move it around? The good news is that this is an option for you! You are able to rearrange where the items are placed at any time. To rearrange items, tap on the piece of paper and pencil placed on the front of Gunther’s desk.

rearrange the items in the stardew valley museum
You can move everything around if you’re unhappy with the aesthetics of the Museum

After you select this item you will be asked whether you wish to rearrange the museum’s collection. If you select yes you will now be able to move the items that you have previously donated to different places. If you have not donated any items to the museum, clicking on the pen and paper will do nothing at all.


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