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Playing Rimworld and getting confused why your colonies animals are constantly passing out due to malnutrition? Look no further. This guide will explain exactly how to feed your animals, what to feed specific animals and identify issues why your animals may not be ingesting those tasty meals you have in storage.

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Animals in Rimworld

In Rimworld, there are many different animals you can have. From livestock, to pack beasts, pets and security animals there is no shortage of diversity in the game. All the animals have different stats and hunger meters. That means some animals will get hungrier faster than others, some will run faster and defending on the animal they will have different diets altogether.

To feed animals in Rimworld you must simply have a food in the allowed area of the specific animal. You must also make sure that the food is a part of that creatures diet. For example some animals, like the Muffalo are herbivores. They along with a few others like the cow and horse will graze upon any grass available to them in their allowed area. Herbivores will eat Haygrass, berries and other vegetarian crops.

Another category of animals is the carnivore or meat eaters. These animals, obviously will only eat meat products. Meat eaters and animals that are omnivores (meat and vegetarian), will also feast on corpses that are lying in their allowed area, making raiders a cheap source of food.

There is a fourth type of eater on the Rimworld and that is the Dendrovorous animals. These animals, in addition to plant based foods, can also consume trees. Examples of these animals are the rare Thrumbos and Alphabeavers.

Rimworld animal farm. Cows in a field
A farm in Rimworld created by a Steam user. (Credit)

Universal animal feeding in Rimworld? Well, almost….

In Rimworld, all animals will eat prepared meals, kibble and pemmican. In this way you can force herbivores to eat meats if they are prepared into meals and kibble first.

The only exclusion to the list of animals that will eat these items is the Wargs. Wargs will only eat raw meat and corpses.

Muffalo animal from the game Rimworld
Muffalo. A pack animal useful for trade runs

“My animals still aren’t eating!”

Some of the common reasons that your animals still are not eating food in Rimworld are:

  • You simply don’t have have any of their food type available
  • The animals allowed area does not include where the food is
  • The animal is incapacitated or cannot walk for some health related reason
  • They are grazing on the grass growing in the soil, eating your plants or they simply aren’t hungry!

Now your animals are well fed

That is all you need to know about feeding your animals in Rimworld. If you have any more problems or comments feel free to leave a comment about it.

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  1. I like fences and pens but I’m having a problem even tho I have 42 spaced out animal beds in my barn which is attached to my pen some tamed animals wont go inside the barn @ all and would rather freeze to death outside in the -55 degree winter snow.

    • Haha. I have the same issues with animals even in Vanilla Rimworld! One thing you can do for an ‘easy fix’ is to have dedicated zones within the barn and outside of the barn. Then at nighttime or in bad conditions only allow the animals within the ‘In Barn’ zone.


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