Rimworld Neutroamine – How to get it

In Rimworld Neutroamine is an item used for two main things:

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Creating Medicine with Neutroamine

Medicine can be created at the Drug Lab by combining 1 unit of Neutroamine, 1 unit of Herbal Medicine and 3 units of cloth. To create medicine at the Drug Lab colonists must have both an intellectual and crafting skill of at least 4. In Rimworld it is fairly easy to find a colonist that meets these requirements or farm them up. Crafting can easily be farmed by mass producing an item at any crafting station. Intellectual skill can be easily trained by setting reseearch as your pawns only job.

Rimworld Neutroamine Item Details
The Item details in Rimworld including weight and average price

Creating drugs in Rimworld with Neutroamine

There are 3 drug types that require you to use Neutroamine in Rimworld to craft them. These 3 drugs will be listed below with the amounts of materials required for each:

  • Go-Juice: 2 Neutroamine + 1 Yayo
  • Penoxycylin: 2 Neutroamine
  • Wake-Up: 2 Neutroamine

Before using Neutroamine to craft any of the aforementioned items, the corresponding research page must first be unlocked.

Item Description for Neutroamine Rimworld
The in-game description for the item

How to obtain Neutroamine in Rimworld

There are 3 main ways in Rimworld for obtaining Neutroamine.

Loot raiders from raiding parties:

Raiders may sometimes drop Neutroamine when they raid your colony. This is purely luck based and with the second method the least consistent.

Raid bases:

When raiding enemy factions you may come across the item. In Rimworld, Neutroamine is fairly hard to come by. You may find some when doing some of the in game events where you must destroy a base, or rescue a colonist. You may also find it by looting a base on your own accord.

Trading with Factions

The third and best way of obtaining Neutroamine in Rimworld is by trading with your neighbors. Be aware that trading with tribal factions will probably not net you very good results. The greater the faction tech level, the more item varieties they are going to have.

Those are the only ways of obtaining Neutroamine in the base game of Rimworld. There are certain mods that are deemed ‘vanilla friendly’ that also include Neutroamine production or crafting. One such mod personally recommended by myself is called Farmable Neutroamine. You can click that link to see the mod yourself and try it out. For a personal review of the game click here. Or if you’re into the modding game, why not look at my top 10 Rimworld mod list?

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