How to Get Core Wood in Valheim

Core Wood is one of the many types of wood in Viking exploration survival game, Valheim. It is a early-mid game resource that’s main use is building. You can obtain Core Wood by cutting down Pine trees in the Black Forest biome.

What is Core Wood?

Core Wood, as aforementioned is one of the types of wood found in Valheim. It’s core function is to be used as a building material. By using the hammer you will see many different types of support beams available to be made out of core wood. It is a fairly dense type of wood which as hinted to in the description is perfect for building log cabins.

The in-game description for Core Wood in Valheim
Core Wood is allegedly good for building log cabins.

The wood finds itself somewhere in the middle of being rather easy to obtain but not really needed for too many different things. Unless you goal is to build a great deal of structures in Valheim there isn’t too many other uses.

What is Core Wood used for?

Core Wood is mainly used in the construction of support beams and posts in Valheim. Valheim features a pretty intuitive building system where you will actually have to build supports for different construction pieces if you plan to build them. For example you cant simply build a wall and have a huge floor piece coming off it from the ground. You will need to build a series of well designed support posts and beams which will keep your structures standing. Core Wood is a great type of wood for creating long Wooden beams.

Building with Core Wood in Valheim

Core wood, like all of the other types of wood can also be used in the Charcoal Kiln to make Coal. As with the others you simply have to throw the wood into the kiln. If you have regular wood and core wood in your inventory in Valheim, the game will still prioritize the regular wood to be burnt in the kiln first so you will have to assign the wood to one of the quick bar slots and use it through one of the number keys on the kiln.

Core Wood is also used in some crafting recipes for weapons. The second strongest bow in the game requires you to use Fine wood and also Core wood in its construction.

Where Can You Find Core Wood?

You can get Core Wood from only one known biome in Valheim. Core wood if very easy to obtain compares to other wood types. You can find Core Wood in the Black Forest biome. There is one specific type of tree that when cut down, yields the player Core Wood. This is the Pine Tree.

Pine trees can be identified by looking for dark brown trees with light brown flecks throughout them. They are generally not too thick and stand up pretty straight. Pine trees tend to have small leafless branches low on the trunk as well.

Pine trees can be found very early on in the Black Forest biome. Cutting them down poses a slight amount of danger as there are a few different enemies that call the Black Forest home in Valheim. Some of the enemies you will have to face when collecting your Core Wood from Pine Trees are the Greydwarves including the Brute version and Shaman and also the Troll enemies. There are ranged and melee types of trolls so watch out for them when collecting Core wood.

I hope this guide has helped you figure out what you can do with Core Wood and where you can find it. What kind of Viking are you? A builder or a fighter?

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