How to Hunt and Get Meat in Going Medieval

Going Medieval is out of early access and into the wild. In this colony sim you’ll have to settle a new colony in unknown lands. One of the most important thing you’ll have to think about early on is a food source. There are many ways to get food in Going Medieval like farming. This article will focus on the process of hunting animals. Then, using those hunted animals to get meat for cooking. Read on.

How to Hunt In Going Medieval

If you want your settlers to hunt animals in Going Medieval like everything else, you will have to tell them to do so. All of the game’s animals can be hunted for meat. Select the animal that you’d like your settlers to hunt and select the ‘Hunt’ button from the menu on the bottom right. Alternatively you can press the M key with the animal selected.

The hunt option on the Deer's information menu in Going Medieval
By selecting a creature, you can see their stats and set them to be hunted

Another way to start a hunting job is to select the hunt option and then choose animals to be hunted. This options is better if you are planning on hunting multiple animals for their meat. You can read more about this method below. Now, as long as one of your settlers is assigned to the hunt job they will hunt down the animal when it becomes a priority task.

Selecting Multiple Animals to Hunt

As aforementioned you can choose the Hunt action to paint a whole selection of animals to hunt. This is great when you have a medium-large amount of animals you want to hunt. To do this, we start by having nothing selected. If you have something selected such as a wall piece or character, unselect them by pressing the ESC key. You will now see some buttons on the bottom right of the screen. Here you can select an action. Find the actions titled Hunt. It is the image that looks like an animal paw print with a bow and arrow over it. See the image below.

The hunt action in Going Medieval
Your settlers won’t hunt without a direct order from you

Once this option is selected we are ready to mark some animals to be hunted. Be aware that there are some animals that will attack when hunted. Hunting wolves runs the risk that the wolf may attack and injure the settler hunting them. Now with this action selected you can click the left-mouse button and drag to paint an area. All of the animals in this marked area will be marked to hunt. You can paint a very large area which is great if you want to hunt the entire group of rabbits.

Assigning two rabbits to be hunted in Going Medieval
Those rabbits won’t know what hit em

As seen in the image above there are some extra options on the left. You can include animals only on the current layer or ones that may be on other layers. You can also just click on animals separately to select them. All of this is great for marking animals to be hunted, but how do we ask someone to hunt them? Through the Jobs menu!

Assign a Settler to Hunt

In order to hunt animals, one of your settlers will have to be assigned to the job. Also keep in mind that if there are any other more important jobs they will do them first. For example, if you have set a settler to both construction and hunt but you have a lot of building projects going on, they may not find the time to hunt. If you have a lot of colonists it’s always better to have them play to their strengths. Whilst it’s good to have a lot of all-rounders, separating jobs throughout your colony can insure many projects are going on at the same time.

To assign one of your settlers to hunt open up the Jobs menu at the top of the screen. This is right at the top left. Here you will see a list of your colonists and the jobs they are assigned to. By default, every colonist is allowed to do every job. Now, find the Hunt job which is third from the left. When you mouse-over a job, you will see a popup menu showing that colonists level of the relevant skill. In the image below, the marksman skill is the one that relates to hunting. Only a colonist assigned to Hunt with a ranged weapon can hunt. This is very important to note.

The jobs menu in Going Medieval with the hunt job highlighted
You can assign job priorities though the Jobs menu

Priority Jobs

You can change the priority ‘urgency’ of a job by left-clicking or right-clicking the job. The lower the number, the more important the settler will regard that job. If all of the jobs are at the same priority level, the priority runs from left to right. With this in mind, if all priorities are set at an urgency level of 3, when your colonist has no Tend or Convalesce (Rest) jobs to do they will begin hunting. It is important that you set priorities in this manner. You don’t want your best builder wasting their time cooking if they can get the building jobs done 3 times as fast as any other. The same goes with the Hunt job. If you send a poor shot they will take longer to bring raw meat to the table.


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