How to Knock Down Siege Ladders in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

If you plan on successfully uniting Calradia under one faction in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord you are going to have to participate in a few sieges. Sieges can be hard to defend against, especially if are greatly outnumbered by your opponent. Luckily, being on the defensive end of a siege means that you will generally have the upper hand. The attacker will have to gain entrance to the castle before they can attack most of your army.

On Siege Ladders

A character in the middle of knocking down a siege ladder in Mount and Blade Bannerlord during a castle siege
Push back siege ladders to stop your attackers getting up easily

One of the may ways that the enemy will attempt to siege the castle is by using siege ladders. These are long, basic ladders which help the attacker gain entrance to the castle. The attackers will run to the ladders where they are already set up (under the castle wall) and pick them up and lay them against the wall. They will then climb these ladders and be met with a harsh defense. Many players do not know that it is actually possible to push these ladders back down after they’ve been set up. This guide will show you how.

How to Knock Down Siege Ladders

Once the enemy has raised a siege ladder they will begin to automatically climb over them. One thing that you can do as the defender is stand at the top of these and strike the enemy as they climb to the top. One other option you have is to push the ladders back down. Note that you can only push back an empty siege ladder. If there is an enemy already climbing the ladder you will not be able to push it back down. Now that is out of the way to knock down a siege ladder follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate and equip a fork used for pushing back ladders.

Equipping a fork in mount and blade bannerlord to knock down a siege ladder
Press F to equip one of these forks for pushing back siege ladders

These can usually be found close to where the ladders are set up. You can find these poles either set up against a wall nearby or against the castle.

  • Step 2: Move towards and locate an empty siege ladder

Once you have the fork you are able to move around wherever you wish. The siege ladders should be nearby.

  • Step 3: Aim your fork at the ladder and press the F key to push it back
A character about to push back a ladder off a castle wall in a siege in Mount and Blade Bannerlord
Move towards an empty siege ladder with fork in hand to push it back

Once you are close enough to the ladder you should see a prompt appear on the screen and the ladder will become highlighted. Press the F key and your character will push back the siege ladder so the enemy will have to once again set it back up to climb over your walls.

Dropping Ladders and Winning Sieges

If you can manage to keep the enemy off the ladders and stop them from gaining entry to the castle you are going to serve a much greater chance at winning the siege. You are also able to drop siege ladders on sieges where you are the attacker although I’m not really sure that is of any benefit to your attack, unless you want your army to focus on another entrance. If you can win sieges, chances are you’re going to be able to take a few enemy lords prisoners which is great if your plan is to execute all the lords on the map.


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