How To Make Money in Bannerlord Online

Bannerlord Online is the latest great mod to grace Mount and Blade fans. This mod turns the game into a fully playable, co-op MMO experience. you can fight other players, engage in battles with the AI with friends by your side and raise your skill levels. Before you start your adventure and raise your army, you are going to need some money. The game gives you a brief tutorial on how to make money farming but we are here to show you the best ways to make money in Mount and Blade Bannerlord Online!

The 5 Ways to Make Money in Bannerlord Online

Throughout your adventures in Calradia you are going to need a strong army to survive. To get a strong army you will have to hire and upgrade troops. You are always going to need money in the game. There are currently 5 different ways you can make money in Bannerlord Online. We will go over every way you can make money and talk a little about their pros and cons. The different ways you can make money are:

  • Farming in Villages
  • Accepting Quests From Artisans in Towns
  • Running Cargo Between Towns
  • Defeating Looter Parties
  • Winning Arena Battles

Making Money Farming in Bannerlord Online

One of the best ways that you can earn your keep in the mod is by going to a farmland and working hard. You can farm at any village in the game, although you will have a better time farming near the spawn point as that’s where all the other players will be. To start earning money farming go to any village and take to the NPC located near the farming shed.

farming money in Bannerlord Online
Farming is one of the best ways to make money in Bannerlord Online

Once you’ve accepted the task of farming you can pick up one of the tools near the shed and get to work. You can do any of the tasks that the quest-giver has outlines. Don’t worry if another player is watering your crop or even harvesting it for you. Once the plant is harvested everybody that was apart of the plant’s growth will get their fair share.

For example if you’ve planted 10 plants and they’ve all been harvested and delivered to the stockpile, you can return to the ‘headman’ and he will give you 150 dollars for your work. This is one of the best ways to make money as you can just sit here in the safety of a village the whole time and make cash. Be warned though, as the game is prone to crashes you may spend half an hour growing crops and farming just for your game to crash, causing you to lose all of that hard-earned money.

Artisan Quests

There are a few ways to make money starting at the various towns in the game. One of these is through an NPC known as the Artisan. When interacting with this NPC you can ask if they have any tasks for you. The Artisan will ask you to find certain items for a price for them. Once you’ve accepted this quest you will have to fight looters until you have all of the items the artisan has requested.

making money through artisan quests in bannerlord online
The artisan has very specific requests

You can only have one artisan request available at any given time, so if you plan on getting a new artisan quest either cancel the old one, or try to get those items. If the player is planning on fighting looters to make their money anyway, this is a great quest to couple with that one as you will naturally come across the items in your travels.

Running Cargo Between Towns

One of the other NPCs that are available to interact with whilst in a town in Bannerlord Online is the Trader. From the trader you can do 2 things; buy items through the in-game market and accept cargo quests. You will have to first purchase the cargo in order to be able to deliver it to another town. If you lose the cargo, you will lose your money. Although this may seem a bit risky it’s a great way of making good money in Bannerlord online.

Bannerlord co-op mod has cargo quests for gold
Running cargo to pay the troops

One tip I’d give is to try to pick a town that’s close by. Even if the payout isn’t great, Bannerlord Online plays out in real time. Although it may seem easy enough running to the other side of the map in 2 days you never know what can happen. If you have to make a 4000 dollar down-payment on cargo just to fail the quest you will lose all of that money.

The value on the left shows you how much the cargo costs and the value on the right is how much money you will receive upon successfully delivering the cargo to the correct town. Proceed with caution. This can be a great way to make money if you have a few groups all planned to make the same cargo run and get each other’s backs.

Defeating Looters

This one is as simple as it can be. The towns of Calradia reward play’s with bounties when they successfully take down enemy looters who prey on their townsfolk. Get some troops, grab a friend and head out into the wide world and find some looters to battle and (hopefully) beat.

making denars defeating looters in Bannerlord online
“Your money or your life!”

You will get paid based on how many looters were in the party you defeated. If other players came to help they will also get a share of the rewards. There are looters everywhere in Bannerlord Online so if you’re just starting out, try to stay near the first city where you spawned. Otherwise you may find yourself stuck somewhere surrounded by looters.

Winning Arena Battles

Another way to make some cash is to fight in arena battles. These battles pit players and NPC’s against each other with random weapons. Each town has it’s own arena so if you’re having trouble winning in a crowded arena, you will have to go to a different town and try your luck against the NPCs there. Winning an arena battle will reward you with 100 gold.

Fighting PvP battles in Bannerlord online
Make money and raise your skills with arena battles

The arena is basically where players go to hone their skills and heal up. Whilst in the arena, your character and their party will have the healing buff applied from being within a town. When you have fallen in battle, or your troops lay wounded, head to the arena for something to do while you are all healing up.

If you fall in the arena your health will go back to the level it was at before you started, so don’t worry about the death loop that may happen.

Those were all of the ways you can currently make money in Bannerlord Online. Are you playing Bannerlord Online and have tips on how to make money in the game? Leave a comments below.

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