How to Play Project Zomboid Build 41 Multiplayer – Official Update!

The time has finally come for Project Zomboid fans. Since build 41 launched everybody has been wondering when they will have the chance to play multiplayer over the internet with their friends, (and possibly some enemies). Thankfully that day has finally come. Although it is not fully released into the wild it is now possible to play Project Zomboid Build 41 over internet servers.

This page will show you how to opt into the beta branch with multiplayer enabled in Build 41. Keep in mind that although this is officially patched into the game it is still a test version. There will still be bugs and problems with multiplayer. Along with the message, members of The Indie Stone have asked anyone who mentions the multiplayer to also direct them to the official announcement so they are aware it is still a test branch.

To play in split screen over Steam Remote Play Together with a friend check out this guide.

How to Opt-In and Play the Build 41 Multiplayer Branch

The good news is it is incredibly easy to start playing the version of Build 41 with multiplayer enabled. It is an open test so anyone with the game is able to start playing in Multiplayer. To start playing multiplayer in Project Zomboid build 41 follow these steps:

  1. Open up Steam and head to your library.
  2. Right-click Project Zomboid and head to the Properties.
  3. Go to the tab titles Betas.
  4. Open the first drop-down menu and select the version called “b41multiplayer – b41multiplayer”
  5. Exit the settings and start the game. Project Zomboid will automatically update to the new multiplayer version.
  6. Once the update is finished, start enjoying Build 41 with Multiplayer enabled!
opting in to the project zomboid build 41 beta version of the game to play multiplayer online
You will have to opt in to the multiplayer version via Steam

Joining a Multiplayer Server in Project Zomboid Build 41.60

Now that you have enabled the multiplayer version of the game you’re probably going to want to find a server to play on! The good thing is that you can join a server and start playing all from the in-game client. After the game is downloaded, start it up. At the main menu you can see the option for Join. Select it and you will be taken to the server list. By default you will be on your Favorites list. At the top of this menu, select the Internet tab and you can see all of the active servers on the internet.

Finding a server to play multiplayer in project zomboid build 41
Be aware that public servers can always include cheaters or admin abuse. For now playing with friends might be best until an official server is released.

If you already know which server you want to connect to you can use the search bar at the bottom of this screen. If you’re looking for a server, you can use the filters at the bottom of the screen as well.

Project Zomboid Server Over Nitrado?

One of the more popular game server hosting companies for Project Zomboid has been website Project Zomboid is listed in their list of supported games for game servers so naturally you would think to start a server with them right? If you are thinking of renting a server over Nitrado keep in mind that they only support older versions of the game. For now you cannot rent a Project Zomboid server over Nitrado for version 41.60 of the game.

We don’t know exactly when they will upgrade their game version to the latest multiplayer build but many users have been warning about the fact that you are wasting your money if you plan on hosting a server for 41.60. In this post on the Nitrado forums, users are sharing their confusion over why it is taking so long for them to upgrade.

Have you played Project Zomboid in multiplayer? What are you most excited for in the new version of the game? Exploring the new parts of the map with friends? PvP or something else? Leave a comment below!


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    • Hey,

      ich habe heute gelesen das es ist in diesem Moment nicht moeglich. Nitrado hat die neues Build leider noch nicht hochgeladet.

      For the non-German speakers the question was if I knew any information on how to host Project Zomboid over Nitrado. Unfortunately it seems that they aren’t using the latest build of the game. (But you can only find this out AFTER paying for the service and choosing an option.) Keep in mind if you are looking for server hosting Nitrado is not an option for now. A good option may be may be your best bet for now. I haven’t used them personally so I can’t vouch for them but I have seen servers from them in the server browser list.


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