How to Play Valheim On Android

Mobile phone players rejoice for this page is going to show you how you can play Valheim from the comfort of your couch via a mobile phone! Do you have the game on Steam but wish there was some way that you could play from anywhere in your house using your mobile? Lucky you! This page will tell you exactly how you can play Valheim on your Android device without needing to sit at the computer.


What You Will Need

Setting Up Steam Link

How to Run Valheim on Android

Using a Bluetooth Controller on Android

What You Need to Play Valheim on Android

There are a few things that you will need in order to play the game from your mobile phone. As the game will be streamed from your computer running steam obviously you will need a copy of the game connected to your Steam account. The things needed to play Valheim on your phone are:

  • A computer with Steam installed
  • A copy of Valheim
  • An Android phone with Steam Link installed


  • A Bluetooth controller (DS4 or Xbox work great)

Once you have all of these things ready you can stream the game from your mobile and control it from wherever you want in the house.

Setting Up Steam Link With Valheim

When you first open up the app you will be asked to sign in to link the app with your steam account. Make sure you have the phone connected to the same WiFi network as your computer running steam as the two will need to be connected with each other.

Connecting steam link to play Valheim on your Android Device
Set up Steam Link to stream and control Steam games from your Android device

Once you have set up these things you are now able to run and control Steam through your phone. I would also recommend connecting a controller via Bluetooth if you have one available. Read the section at the end to find out more on connecting a Bluetooth Controller to Steam Link.

How to Run Valheim on Your Android Phone

Now, with all of these things ready to go you are able to start playing Valheim on your Android phone. Select the option from the main menu which reads Start Playing, just as you can see in the image above. This opens up Steam’s Big Picture mode on your PC which is an interface which makes it easier to navigate your Steam library and settings while using a controller. Your phone will now act as a mirrored version of your computer screen.

Navigate to your library and select Valheim from your list of games. You can easily see which games have controller support by selecting them in this menu. There is a little controller Icon which appears in the game’s icon. Valheim has native controller support. Although the control tips are listed in Xbox format you can use any type of controller you wish. The game will now launch and you will be able to play it using either the app’s built in controller or by using an external Bluetooth controller.

Playing Valheim on an Android phone
Valheim has almost all of the controls for the game on the Steam Link interface

The above image shows how the game is running on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. The game looks very beautiful and I notice next to no input lag. As you can see the game looks great. All light reflections and shafts show wonderful and the game’s low poly graphics look fantastic on my phone’s vibrant screen.

The one problem with running the game using Steam Link’s on-screen touch controls is that the screen can get a little full with controls. You can access the control settings and change where all of the buttons sit on the screen. You can add and remove buttons as well. In general you have all of the buttons you need automatically assigned to your screen when you start the game but you can make some buttons smaller, or larger as you wish. You can also move buttons around entirely.

Not only the video is able to be streamed to your phone, the game’s sound will also work through your device as well. Turn the sound up to locate any enemies sneaking up on you or hunt down those pesky deer. I personally, have been playing on my phone using a PlayStation 4 controller. As the controller has Bluetooth support you are able to connect it via your phone’s native Bluetooth settings. The next section will explain what the game is like when using a controller and show you how to connect one to your phone in order to play Valheim with a Bluetooth controller.

Playing Valheim With a Controller on Android

As the screen can get very cluttered when using the touch controls I have been playing with a controller instead. Connecting a controller to an Android phone is quick and easy, and allows you to get a full view of the screen. You can connect a Bluetooth controller to your phone by accessing your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Drag down the notification panel and hold your finger down on the Bluetooth icon. Once you have opened this menu, turn you phone’s Bluetooth on and put your phone into pairing mode. As I have a DS4 controller, I hold down the PlayStation button and the Share button for around 3 seconds to put my phone into pairing mode. Check your own controller’s instruction manual or Google it if you have a different type.

Showing Valheim being played on a smartphone
Using a controller with Valheim frees up your phone screen

Now, select your controller from the list in order to pair it with your phone. Once you have connected your phone with a controller you can head back to the Steam Link app and open the settings. Open up the controller settings and you should see your paired device in the menu. Enable your controller as the default control device and voila! You have successfully set up your Bluetooth controller with your Steam Link app. Now, you are able to play Valheim on Android using a controller.

As the game has native support for controllers you shouldn’t have to do any more setup at this point. You can simply start playing Valheim on your phone from anywhere in your house as long as you are still connected to your PC. The one thing is that the in-game controls always seem to relate to Xbox controller layouts but with a bit or trial and error your should get used to how every button relates to your controller.

One last thing on playing Valheim on your Android device. Have fun!