Valheim – God Mode and Other Useful Cheats

We are back with another Valheim how to guide. Thankfully writing these guides is giving me more excuses to play this fantastic building and survival game from developers Iron Gate Studio. Today we will be covering how to activate god mode, what god mode actually does and going over a couple of other cool cheats for Valheim as well. Without further ado, lets get into the guide.

What is God Mode in Valheim?

God mode in Valheim a cheat which will allow the player to take no damage at all. The only effect that the cheat has in the game is to allow the player to take no damage. The player will be immune to all types of damage when god mode is enabled including physical damage and all elemental damages like poison and fire.

God mode cheat in fuling village valheim
You won’t take any damage in god mode in Valheim

this also includes fall damage. So if you plan to jump off a mountain, god mode is advised. God mode is just one of the many cheats available in Valheim. We will focus on god mode for this article and go into a few different other helpful cheats.

How to Activate God Mode in Valheim

Now we have come to the nitty gritty. Thanks to a recent update to Valheim, unfortunately the console is removed from the game by default. Luckily we have already written a guide to get it back and the steps are relatively simple. Click the guide below in order to get the console back up and running in your Valheim game first and then you can start to enter the god mode cheat.

Now, once you have the console back up into your game you can dive in and open it up with the F5 key. Once you have the console window open, type in the code “devcommands” without quotation marks in order to access cheats and be able to use certain codes only available to developers and testers. If you have done this correctly you should see a small warning about using developer commands in the console.

God mode is now activated. Congratulations
This message indicates the cheat code was accepted.

Now write into the console in a new line “god” and press enter, (again without quotation marks.) If it now says God mode: True in the console then congratulations your character is immune to all types of damage now! Check the image above to see an idea of what it should look like.

You can close the window again and go back to your business now without taking any damage at all. This is great for recovering lost bodies when you simply don’t have the time or patience to retrieve the items fairly. Or if they are glitched out in an area and you need to get them again.

You can toggle God mode back off again by once again opening up the console and typing the exact same phrase again, “god”, and pressing enter. you will see a message that shows that the God mode is now “False” meaning it is no longer enabled.

Other Helpful Cheats

There are a great range of other cheats available to the player from spawning in items to raising skill levels. We will focus on some of the more useful cheat codes here and explain what their uses are.

Valheim Ghost Cheat

The player can enable ghost mode in Valheim by writing in the code ‘ghost’ after they have enabled cheats. This cheat makes it so that none of the other NPCs in Valheim can see the player. They will not attack the player at all, even if provoked. Be aware this does not make your player invisible and other players can still see and attack you if you have the PvP damage enabled.

Debug Mode – Creative Mode for Valheim

This next cheat is one of the Minecraft players. The player can enable a mode called the Debug mode. To enable debug mode in Valheim the player must type the phrase “debugmode” and press enter. Once this mode is enabled there is some other keys that they can use in order to use it to it’s fullest. Once the player is in debug mode they can press the Z key to fly around in the air.

The player can also enter an unlimited building mode whilst in debug mode. By pressing B whilst in debug mode every crafting and building item can be built without any restrictions. You can open up the crafting menu with the TAB key and create any item in the game for free. Couple this with the flying mode and you’ve got your very own creative mode in Valheim.

Tame Creatures

There is also a cheat code that will help you tame all tameable creatures within a certain radius of the player.

4 lox that have been tamed using cheats in Valheim
These 4 Lox have been instantly tamed using the ‘Tame’ cheat

If the player types the code “tame” into the console and presses enter they will tame every creature near them. The three creatures that can currently be tamed in the game are the Lox beasts, boar and wolves. Once tamed, the wolves and lox will fight for the player and attack their enemies. Boar are just for breeding and farming.

With mods every creature in the game (bar a few) can be tamed using this cheat as well. Check out this guide on taming Neck to see how it is set up and done!

Hopefully these cheat codes have helped you on your merry way in Valheim. Remember that cheating can ruin the overall experience of the game. With such an amazing immersive experience with this game I only personally recommend using cheats like god mode or ghost when the game has a bug or glitch and has you lose items. Remember the game is in early access and not all features are fully realized yet!

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