How to Save in Necesse

As someone who loves to take long gaming sessions, there can be nothing worse than losing a few hours of progress due to a crash. One way you can always prevent any loss of data is by constantly saving the game. In Necesse, there are certain points where you may want to save your progress.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about saves in Necesse such as:

Saving Your Progress in Necesse

Necesse, like most games of this era, has an autosave system. This means that you won’t really have to worry about pausing and saving the game as you go. Every now and then your progress will be saved in a save file, and a second ‘back-up’ file will be saved along with that.

Showing autosaves in Necesse in the load game menu
The game will automatically save and create a backup of your current world

This is in case anything happens to that main save file you can always roll back a bit without losing too much progress. When you leave the game either to go back to the main menu, or just close the game completely, the game will automatically save your world’s progress. This means you really won’t have to do anything manually at all. That being said, if you are worried the game might not be autosaving often enough, you can also save the game manually.

Manually Saving the Game in Necesse

Unlike most games which feature a Save Game button as part of their pause menu, you will have to type a command in Necesse to save the game. This can be done through the game’s in-game chat feature. To save your game world manually simply;

  1. Press the ENTER key to start typing in the chat box
  2. Type in the command /save
  3. Press the ENTER key once more and your world will be saved!
saving the game manually in Necesse
Manual saves can help avoid lost progress due to unexpected crashes

Necesse Game Save Location

Necesse like most other games, will store save files on your computer when they are created. These will also be synced with Steam’s cloud saves as well if enabled. There is a very easy way to find this location even from within the game client itself. To open up your save game location from within Necesse, press the ESC key to open the pause menu.

Now, open up the Settings menu where you can change menu options about how the game plays and looks. Open up the heading General and here you will find a button which reads Open saves folder. By clicking this, you will be directed immediately to the folder on your computer where the saved filed are located.

showing how to get to the game save location on your computer for Necesse saved games
Opening the saves folder from within the game will be a lot quicker

By default, Necesse saved games are located in the following directory path:

  • C:\Users\’YourUserName”\AppData\Roaming\Necesse\saves

Each different world or ‘save’ you have made in Necesse will have its own ZIP folder. These can be copied and sent to other computers if you wish to share your world with others. This is especially useful if you have started a multiplayer game with a friend, but they wish to keep playing on the world without you.


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