How to Rotate Items in Necesse

One of the biggest questions I see constantly asked about Necesse is how you can rotate items like furniture in Necesse. Since there isn’t too much other information online about Necesse I’ll do the world a favor and write it here to create the shorted post I’ve written.

The ability to rotate items is going to be essential in creating great looking homes for all of those settlers you have recruited to your settlement!

Rotating Items in Necesse

To rotate items in Necesse, first left-click the item you want to place from your inventory as you would when you place it down. Now, hover over the area you wish to place the item down in. Physically move your character in the direction you want the item to face using the WASD keys.

rotating furniture in Necesse
Your character’s movement direction determines which direction your furniture will face

The item will be placed according to which direction your character will be facing. If you want the item to fact down, press the S key. To face it to the north, press the W key. There are currently no other ways to rotate items in Necesse apart from the movement keys.

Picking Up Furniture and Changing the Rotation

Have you accidentally placed down an object in the wrong position? Perhaps you have placed a bed facing the wrong direction towards a wall. Whilst you cannot change the rotation of an item once it has already been placed down, luckily you can pick it back up and place it again without destroying the item.

Using an axe to change the rotation of an item in Necesse
You can use an axe to pick up misplaced furniture.
These items won’t be destroyed by tools

To do this, equip one of your tools such as a shovel or axe. Smack the piece of furniture with this tool until it breaks loose. You are then able to pick the item up again and add it to your inventory. Now, you can place down the item in the correct location/rotation.


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