How to See/Find Friends on the Map in Valheim

Playing Valheim with a group of friends and suddenly got lost? We’ve got you covered. You can mark yourself as visible on the map my selecting the option at the bottom of the map UI. There is a checkbox that reads ‘Visible to other players’ that when selected, revels your current location to your friends.

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Opening Up and Using the Map

By pressing the M key by default, players are able to take advantage of navigation and use the map to find places they’ve been before. There are a few options to go along with this map and you can see every area that you’ve already discovered. You can set down markers on the map by selecting the symbols on the right hand side of the map screen. There are a few different options available to you on the map. You can read this guide on the Valheim map for more information, but the one we are interested in is the checkbox at the bottom.

Make Yourself Visible on the Map

By opening up the map and finding this button, you will make your location known to every other player on the server. Open up the map using the ‘m’ key and look down the bottom. Check the image below to see what part we are looking for.

How to find friends in valheim

If you select the checkbox on the bottom right which reads ‘Visible to other players’.

Once you have this checkbox checked your location will become available to every other player on the server to proceed with caution. As Valheim isn’t really too much of a PvP game your shouldn’t have to worry to much. Now, once you have this selected every other player can open up their maps and see what location you are at and what direction you are facing. This is crucial to finding your friends in Valheim if you get split up.

Find Your Friends in Valheim

There is currently no way to make yourself only visible to friendly players in your server. Make sure you only allow people you trust to join you on the server or just risk it like a true Viking would!

If you would like to see where your friend it in Valheim, they will have to open up their map as well and check the same area on their map. After they tick the box, you should be able to see where they are. Be aware you may have to zoom out if you can’t see them at first and they may be in an area of the map you haven’t explored. Even if you haven’t explored their area of the map, you will still be able to see their location and where they are moving to.

Teleporting to Friends

Along with the actual teleporter item in Valheim which is used for fast travelling and needs to be crafted, players can make use of console commands to teleport to different areas of the map. This will be the quickest way to get to your friends, although it is technically cheating. Check out this guide for more information. The guide will show you how to find your coordinates and how to teleport with the console.

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