How to Get Coordinates and Teleport in Valheim

One of the things man players have done is draw parallels between Minecraft and Valheim as the two seem to cross genres. As Minecraft players know there was a large list of console commands and cheats they could use such as teleporting around the map to different locations using coordinates. Fans of using this method will be happy to learn that you can use your coordinates and teleport in Valheim as well.

This guide will teach you how to teleport in Valheim using the console commands and inputting coordinates and also how to figure out the coordinates of where you are currently standing. Before we start on the guide you must have cheats enabled through the in-game console in order for any of these advanced commands to work. You must be admin of the current server/world in order to use the cheat commands.

As of patch 0.148.4 you will need to enable the command console from the launch options for the game. For a guide on how to do this, click here.

To enable cheats in Valheim open the console using the F5 key and type in the phrase ‘devcommands’ and press enter. You will see a message telling you the cheats are ‘True’ if done correctly. You can now write in ‘help’ and press enter to see a list of available commands. There are two specific ones we are focusing on in this guide.

using cheats in valheim via console commands

How to Find Your Coordinates in Valheim

If you plan on teleporting to a location you will have to figure out where first. Once you have enabled the cheats from the console you can now use a code to figure out your location. To find your location open up the console and type in ‘pos’. Now hit enter. This stands for position and will tell you the x,y,z coordinates for your current location.

using the pos command to find out your position and coordinates in valheim

You can move anywhere on the map and try this again to find different locations on the map. The location values are relative to the starting point on the map where the raven first started fling with you. The summoning stones are not the 0,0 point.

How to Teleport in Valheim

There is a legitimate way of teleporting in Valheim using an item called the Teleporter. This will allow you to set up a teleporter in two different positions on the map and move between them easily. This will be resource intensive as fine wood and a good amounts of Surtling cores is required to build these teleporters.

There is a cheat code that you can use to teleport in Valheim using the command console. To teleport somewhere on the map write in ‘goto’ followed by the x, y, z coordinates you cant to go to. You can separate the coordinates by using a space. for example, to teleport to the position in the image above one would type (without quotation marks) “goto -1719 37 -555” and hit enter.

teleporting using cheats in valheim

You can also teleport by entering only two values. If you do this the game will see them as the X and Z values and teleport you on the height you are currently standing at. For example if you were on top of a mountains and teleport using only 2 values you may find yourself falling from a great height.

Before using any teleportation in Valheim I recommend entering the God Mode cheat just in case anything like this is to happen. To enable god mode simply type ‘god’ into the console and hit the enter key. That will stop you taking fall damage and then can be turned back off again the same way it was turned on.

How Do The Coordinates Work?

If you have followed the above method of finding your coordinates you will see there are three values that can be found after inputting the command ‘pos’. These numbers indicated different areas of the map from the x axis, y axis and z axis. X and Z are the values that place you somewhere 2D on the map. the middle value or the Y coordinate is the height that the player is at. If you change this value to a very large number before you teleport to a location, you will end up falling from the sky. If doesn’t matter how low you change this value to when you are inputting coordinates and teleporting in Valheim. Even if the value is technically below the ground you will never get stuck in the ground when teleporting.

If you open up the map with the M key, you can see that if you were to go to the right the X value will get higher, and if you go to the left the value will get lower and can even go into negative numbers. You can also see that by travelling north on the map that the Z value gets higher and obviously if you go south the value gets lower. This has hopefully helped you understand how the coordinates work and how they are calculated in Valheim. You can even sometimes guess where you need to teleport to using an estimation on the map.

We’ve come to the end of another guide in Valheim. Most players do frown upon cheating in Valheim but honestly I believe how you play the game is up to you. If it is too challenging dying over and over again and just isn’t fun having your loot stuck in another location why not teleport there and pick it back up? If you have any more tips or tricks to help players in Valheim let me know by leaving a comment or sending through an email! Cheers and enjoy.

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